Why Girls are Obsessed with Vampires

I was watching the news and shook my head as I saw a massive group of young women camping out outside in tents outside of a building. Occupy Wallstreet? No, not quite. They were standing in line for the premiere of Twilight, Breaking Dawn. And it’s not just girls, its grown ass women too. It seems their mothers have jumped on the “Bella Boat” with #teamEDWARD t-shirts on.

So what’s with this vampire craze? Why are girls swooning over this pasty emo-like guy who supposedly has a ice cold kiss and um *cough* “glitters” in the sun?

Vampires today represent the female-fantasy of the insatiable guy who lusts over your body yet fights the urge to consume you. He’ll always stay in the prime youthful stage of his life, has plenty of accumulated income from living hundreds of years, but ultimately wants an eternal relationship to cure his “loneliness”.

What’s not to like? It’s attractive even if he’s the “bad” boy.

“So what if he likes to drink human blood and at any given moment, can rip the flesh off my skin, and drink from my arteries like a straw. I love him and he’ll resist the urge… for me. “Every girl wants to be Bella.  She is the ultimate “damsel in distress” who has every guy chasing her for anything but her ass. If Twilight is not your thing, however, there’s still True Blood (which has managed to catch my attention) but it is slightly more homo-erotic  *insert: It’s raining men song here*. The vampires will confess their undying   undead love for you, then fuck the shit out of you and drink your blood, then fuck you again. Sounds like more like a real guy than the twilight fairy tales to me.I mean really, if a guy has a eternal youth, power, and all the ability to hypnotize anybody he wants do his will, do you really think he is going to consume is eternal undead life with trying to find one chick to follow him around? Obviously, no one has ever read the Portrait of Dorian Gray What happened to the days when vampires slept in coffins, burned in the sun, stalked virgin girls because it was that time of the month, and were ultimately staked by the one human guy who was jealous cause he couldn’t get any? I miss those days.If you flip the script and make it a vampire female confessing her undying love for a human guy and wants to live eternally with him ... NOWyou have a horror movie.  I can see guys screaming and running, reaching for the nearest wooden stake to get rid of her (after they fuck of course).  Wouldn’t that be more realistic?It’s romantic porn; not gratuitous sex but definitely an overcompensation of love fluff. They need a movie to vent all the frustrated energy that they don’t get from real men. That’s the same reason men look at realporn. Bella and Edward..after they marry, I give them 72 days before he’s looking for his next conquest.Alas, that’s why I watch True Blood.