Dreaming I Can Fly

Had another flying dream. I’m pretty good at it and I typically fly the same way each time. This time I was walking around my sister’s neighborhood. Lots of nice houses. There was a strict lockdown to ….where no one was allowed to play music . Sounds crazy but in this BRAVE NEW WORLD there’s no telling .

So I was walking around and the police came because they heard music. Then they started chasing me because I was walking in the street. So I started running. When they got close, I jumped on a car, then leaped on a house roof and ran up it. They seemed amazed at how effortlessly I did it . When I got my speed I felt this electric charge and whooop … up in the air. When I fly it’s not super fast but its moderate and it right side up, like Magneto on X-men.

I followed the music and it was coming from some little island resort on the lake. It was a private party. People were congregating and singing. I floated down and no one seemed to notice me. I saw some people I knew and when I walked up they were like “Oh hey…. didn’t see you at first”

I told them I flew over and they were like “Sure…” and I was like , ” I’ll show you…” and I levitated up . But the weird thing is …every time I did, they went into a trance and forgot I did it. Flying was making me literally invisible to their mind or doing something. I couldn’t even record myself because the electronics would disrupt.

I thought to myself that I must be using an electro magnetic field to elevate and propel myself through the air. My EMF was not only disrupting electronics, but was doing something to people’s minds to where they didn’t notice me or zoned them out. It was fuckin’ wild.

All in, yes when I dream… I dream deep hahaha.