Jesus Saves…then what?

This question was bugging the “bejezuz” out of me mainly because many , many , MANY of my friends are christian in their own personal identification purposes whether they are truly dedicated or not. It sounds like a good thing to be when you live in the South. I always think that if Islam was the ruling religion people would be Muslim by default as well without knowing very much about it.

There I go on a tangent again.

What I am asking today… People claim that Jesus is coming to save us from this world if we accept his “human blood sacrifice” and that he came back from the dead. Okay great. Then he’s supposed to return and take all the believers away to…

Well that’s never clear.. probably outerspace.

and create a new earth (or destroy all the people on the old earth) and drop everybody he saved back on the planet and restart everything, making himself numero uno ruler of the planet. Yaaaaaaay. HOW WONDERFUL!

Or is it?

Be that the majority of people now, are used to a democracy, voting,  and not a dictatorship how are people going to deal with have a world leader for eternity who obviously never dies. What is Jesus planning to do then that he’s not doing now? People are starving now, people are dying of diseases, people are losing jobs (christians and non-christians alike) . Some of these people pray for “Jesus help” . If Jesus could solve all the world’s problems simply by his presence, then why isn’t that EVERY Christian the most prosperous, healthy, beneficial people on the planet (other than TV preachers) ?  Why doesn’t Jesus do it now? Why the dramatic wait? How many people have to die and/or suffer for his glory? Is this a “prove your worthy” type of game?

How different is the world supposed to be with just Christians on the planet? All Christians don’t even get along. Is everyone going to be Republican? Are Mormons included? What about Jehovah Witnesses? Isn’t Jesus Jewish? People say it’s going to be a “Utopia” but I can’t imagine how a planetary utopia is going to be ruled by one  “god”-person calling all the shots. Does Jim Jones ring a bell? I imagine that people would be mindless like that, and every now and then someone with their own opinion would rise up and get taken out. Many of the freedoms and liberties that people cherish now… would be gone.

All in all, this is a very diverse world with billions of people and growing. There are so many cultures and beliefs. Dictators are falling left and right because they are not listening to the collective mind of the people. Perhaps you’re saying, that after all its said and done…no one will care. No will will be sad, no one will cry, every one will just love Jesus and praise all day…for eternity. Oh! so you accept being brainwashed and become a worship robot? Sounds…um “great”. People try to make religion a simple answer to all your problems, but my answer is that it is not. Believe whatever you want for your traditions, customs, and holidays but the world’s problems are not going to be solved by religion or waiting for a savior. The world’s problems are going to be solved by people coming together and deciding that we have all had enough.