New moon time

Well today for this moon I’m going to set my intention on … getting out more. Lawd have mercy I’ve become a hermit! I remember as a kid I would ride my bike around the city … literally!

When I was in my 20s I would drive to the next city or state because ….I was bored.what happened to that guy?

Now …I’m just sitting at home every weekend watching tv ugh. I can do . I got invited to a shindig in DeSoto …a suburb of Dallas and the hermit in me said “that’s alot of gas…stay home”

Nope Mr. Old hermit! I’m going to socialize and not nap my life away! (I’ll try…đŸ˜«) What are you setting you intentions on this new moon?

Full Moon IN Gemini Coming

I feel somewhat excited to say the least. It’s a partial lunar eclipse so in a nutshell it’s a powerful full moon. It’s a full moon with a lil “umph” in it. Gemini is about information, communication, movement of the mind. I sense there is gonna be a major download when it comes to how people think. It’s reflecting the Sagittarius sun which strives on the blunt truth…whether we like it or not. Sag is optimistic. Gemini is thinking and preparing for the worst. Does anything really surprise Gemini? All of this is happening November 29-30th at month’s end. But it’s just the beginning of truth bombs as it makes way for the SOLAR eclipse in Sagittarius (a grand new beginning) in December. I’m already seeing aspects of my own personal life moving around and I’m trying to gather my thoughts (hence me blogging) . Let me know what’s going in your life that sounds Gemini related.