Why is God Male?

All too often I hear people refer to God in “HE” sense. Meaning that God MUST be male. Which subconsciously I can understand why women are so under appreciated in society since they are just mere “adjustments” to the image of God. Of course I’m being sarcastic.

I believe that any time we refer to God in the male sense we are limiting God. While we are saying what God “is” we are at the saying time saying what God “isn’t” . By saying God is THE FATHER… you are saying God is NOT the mother. How then can God be omnipotent or omni-anything?

The best solution in a nutshell is to do away with any gender identity of the GOD IF truly GOD is everything. Then it would be male and female and neither male or female.

Get it?

To assign God any identity is to say …. at some point, humanity has (at the very least) figured out one aspect of the God. And if you believe you have then continue to assign THE GOD as the father and nothing more or less.

Personally I believe God is beyond our gender roles. The God is a pure continual energy that knows gender as much as it interacts with different individuals. The God should not be limited although people choose to limit the God continually even though they ignorantly feel this is out of respect.

Tell me what you think. I invite your responses.