Mind Control and Hollywood Politics

There is something called MK Ultra which is a technique of mind control. It sounds like science fiction but it’s amazing about how many people talk about this being done in not only our government but in Hollywood industry entertainers.

If you’re not familiar with this, I advise that every one go google and research this topic.  Psychological warfare is real and present people.


The Obama Deception Commentary

So I’ve been really bothered lately about money…(I mean who isn’t) so alot of things have been on my mind about it. Here’s my video blog about that rant below.

Also…For you informational purposes. I will include this iiiiinteresting documentary. Watch at your own risk…for what you see may blow your mind.(its a playlist of videos) because the full length got deleted.

Here’s something else that I found interesting … the link to the site that he’s look at is here Stevequayle.com

hit me up and let me know what you think….if you do think.