One Tiny Way to Unplug from the Matrix

I think a few forward thinking people are always looking for new and interesting ways to unplug from the grid that attempts to keep us a slave to the “system”. Simply put, many people don’t want to live their whole lives in debt because of the many loans they have to take out to live. Once you’re in debt, then you have to find a good job to pay off that debt but often time it’s merely a job that will have to suffice at the time and not our true “dream”. Then some how, years have flown by and we realize none of the youthful dreams have come to fruition.

Your money is gone, the car is broken down, the car you think you own is taken back by the bank “mafia” . Now this next idea may be for everybody but if you’re interested in living outside of that system you may want to consider this idea.

Getting a TINY HOUSE. 

Tiny houses take the idea of mobile homes, DIY, and minimilism to whole other level. They are customizable and give people a renewed sense of freedom.

When my friend told me he was getting one I was really intrigued about the idea. What he told was that the one he is designing was going to be resourceful for the environment, running off solar and wind power for electricity and using rain and recycled water. His idea is to make it completely computer automated in the inside thus becoming the “home of the future”

Watch the video below to get an idea of what he wants to do.

Think about how much space one really needs to survive. This is a great alternative for someone who would like to lessen their carbon footprint on the environment and their portable so hey, if you’re tired of living in one area… attach your house to a truck and drive it to a different location. (seems like the ideal situation for people born under the sign of Cancer heheh)

Tell me what you guys think about TINY HOUSES. Is this something you might want to do versus a trailer home or buying a house? What are the pros and cons to having one? Comment below and if you guys would like to help my friend in building his tiny house of the future… click the link here:

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