Blowing up the MOON

moonSo i thought I’d write this before we do anything crazy….like blowing up the moon.

I mean really! REALLY NASA? REALLY? Does it seem wise to shoot at the moon.

Of course for those that don’t know Nasa plans on sending a missle into the moon to check if there is water inside to see if maybe it could be habitable for human life colonies.
As if I really plan on spending my summer vacation there. Sounds fishy, either…
1. They are looking for a safe place to hide when they wreck earth
2. They are shooting at something else on the moon.
Well that’s what conspiracy theorist say. “They” say that nasa is shooting at some aliens or trying to get rid of some evidence of ancient civilization on the moon by exploding it. Who knows. Our government is neck deep in bullshit and lies.

SPEAKING OF LIES…now on to this flu thing…

I don’t know but I for one have heard that the government first creates a problem and then puts out the solution for the problem. ALL OF SUDDEN everyone is afraid of the big bad wold…ie…H1N1 virus. For those that don’t know there is not a CURE for a flu virus…you can only treat it…that’s it …and wait for it to go away.
VACCINES involve injecting you with a similar ailment so that your body creates antibodies to fight it.

SO am I quick to get shot up with some mystery vaccine ….nope, not in the least.