My thoughts on covid-19

I just want to talk about what the “news” isn’t. It sometimes feels like media just repeats the same thing over and over to hypnotise people. I’m always asking myself, “what aren’t they telling me?”. All in all, everything is about money…money…money, and control.

Green tea does what now? #news

I’m sipping my green tea and the news is bad mouthing my green tea. Something or other about people’s medications… you can read the story here . I really don’t want to go into . I love green tea. I think the pros outweigh the cons. So for those interested in knowing all the “magic” this little elixir can do … you can read here . I’m just full of helpful information today. In personal news, I’m jogging in the morning and trying to watch my calories because I have a desk job. They say (who ever they are) … THEY SAY that people with desk jobs should only eat 1500 calories or something like that. So I have to manage that because the boyfriend likes to cook (he expresses his love like an Greek mother) “you look hungry” “I’m not” “I’ll make you something.”

Other things on my in current events world… What do ya’ll think about the dude that shot that other dude in the movie theater for texting in Florida? Wow now that’s some crazy rage! Shooting is bit of extreme, but texting at the movie theater?! You never know people’s breaking point.



It is way too early to be awake.

don’t you hate it when you have to wake up to pee and cant get back to sleep?

imageIt wasn’t like it was the best sleep but I woke up an hour ago.. then the dog had to pee. Ugh. Luckily its Friday. I created some new intros for my Youtube channel to spice it up some .. be a little more professional. Gonna start a new segment too, MY TWO CENTS … a review show for entertainment and food places. Hopefully that’ll get me some new subscribers. My goal is to have 500 more this year. That’ll be cool. Trying to convince the boyfriend to let me produce a cooking segment with him in it…he’s a really good cook and he has an accent so I think that would be interesting.

OMG I feel bloated…. I know… TMI. I drank some dairy last night and well.. you know.  Gotta stop doing that. I usually try some new health kick to see if it works for me and I haven’t decided what to do yet. Vegan maybe… I really like meat tho… I dunno bout that.  I’m having those “New year and Im not happy with my body ” feelings… yeah I know, everybody does it. But I tend to do it all year. Time to stop complaining and do something..  Having a sit down job for 8 hours 5 days a week and not doing nothing when you get home takes its toll. Gonna go jog and come back… a little bit a day. Best way to eat an elephant….

one bite at a time. Best way to look like an elephant… ummm.. one bite at a time as well …lol