The World YOU SEE is an Illusion

I woke up today with a tiny whisper, “Walk by faith, not by sight” . It’s from an old biblical verse from the teachings of Paul. It was old knowledge that we can’t rely on the seen or the known universe to move toward the future. Everything we see wasn’t created by the physical world, but something formed from nothingness.

Faith in this aspect is energy. That energy come from you and you alone. It is an energy in creating a belief. It is hope before the belief (Hebrews 11:2). I’m not trying to be all preachy or anything but simply looking at where we’ve come from to see how much we’ve learned. We may not all believe something because seeing is believing. Believing is science. A hypothesis falls more in line with hope and faith. But before you see it, you have to imagine it.

A simple practice or a test of faith is to find a large field in a park. See that your path is undisturbed (so that you’re not walking into traffic). Close your eyes and walk forward as much as you can before you feel scared. The first few steps may be easy, but with your eyes closed and your body moving you may become unsure or uncertain. Now you’re starting to understand the feeling of walking by faith. Something in you knows you’re okay, that you’re going to be okay, but you just don’t see it. You don’t have to see it for it to be truth. Let that marinate.

It’s sort of like right now, my computer says i’m offline but for some reason I’m still able to write this blog. LOL…(hopefully it will publish… by faith ) Anywhoo… have a great hump day!