File this under… MUST WATCH #video #consciousness

There are a few films I find online and this one is hella deep. it’s long too and you may have to watch in parts. But the info is pretty cool . It’s gonna make you think about some things. I posted it on Facebook but I will keep it logged here on my site as well.

Take a moment to Look Around

I think we get so caught up in the media age… and being online… and watching TV that we just forget to connect to world around us, to feel the energy that is all around us (that is us)

What we decide to focus on, we give life. If we just focus on the negativity then only more negativity will arise. Versus saying what we “don’t want” whether it be complaining about your job or partner, express what you “do” want. The universe around you will line up according to what you desire. It may not be “how” you planned it… but it will happen. Believe that.



check this out : (oh yeah it’s long get some popcorn)