Letting Go… but hold on.

The lunar eclipse came and went but we should be still feeling its effects for a while. Eclipses denote closure and endings. Depending on where it falls in your chart is where you can expect to see some type of release in your life.

With my own life, I’m thinking about the things that subconsciously need to release or let go of since it fell in my 12th house. My dreams have been intense and I wonder what things in my life that I may be doing that I’m not aware of. I found this really great website that breaks down the house https://www.horoscopefriends.co.uk/astrology-library/solar-and-lunar-eclipses-in-the-12-houses . Check it out.

Mars and Neptune are doing some crazy stuff this week together. It can be either really emotional or a very spiritual week. Either way every oracle I’m pulling is recommending grounding your energy so we don’t get swept away by it. Think like a VERY strong tide coming in that’s just violent. Hold on to something.

Full Moon IN Gemini Coming

I feel somewhat excited to say the least. It’s a partial lunar eclipse so in a nutshell it’s a powerful full moon. It’s a full moon with a lil “umph” in it. Gemini is about information, communication, movement of the mind. I sense there is gonna be a major download when it comes to how people think. It’s reflecting the Sagittarius sun which strives on the blunt truth…whether we like it or not. Sag is optimistic. Gemini is thinking and preparing for the worst. Does anything really surprise Gemini? All of this is happening November 29-30th at month’s end. But it’s just the beginning of truth bombs as it makes way for the SOLAR eclipse in Sagittarius (a grand new beginning) in December. I’m already seeing aspects of my own personal life moving around and I’m trying to gather my thoughts (hence me blogging) . Let me know what’s going in your life that sounds Gemini related.