The Old Testament God is actually several gods…

A lot of people may not be aware of the gods of the middle east because they use the word  “god” as a proper name. Much like they use the word “devil” when these are aspects or roles that any of these beings took on and attributed to their enemy in any respect. I’ve been researching the Mesopotamian gods and trying to see if there are any parallels since the Hebrews were going through that area.


Many times we can figure out who worshipped who simply by looking at their names. If someone had the suffix “El” at the end of their name most likely they were worshipping a god from the family of Enlil.

It’s my believe that Marduk was the god of Abraham,  Isaac, and Jacob (Iakob) . There’s some symbolism that makes me think that. The testing of Abraham and giving him a ram to sacrifice instead (a ram is a symbol of Marduk, Aries) and the few treks into Egypt where Marduk later became known as RA and became a chief god there.

Jacob later is written to “wrestle with an angel” and make a separate covenant where he is later rename Israel. Why is that? Because the deal he made was with a son of Enlil not a son of Ea (Marduk) . Perhaps it was Ninurta who made that promise, but fast forward and Joseph brings all of Israel back into Egypt where they are under the leadership of Marduk (RA)

The god of Moses , who seems to communicate with a god who wants to remain unseen and likes high mountains.. possibly Ninurta again. Why Ninurta? Well, he brings the children of Israel out of Egypt claiming them as his own. Then they go and build a golden Calf. Why a calf. Aaron tells them this is the god who saved you. Marduk was known as the Solar Calf (Amar-UTU) . This angers the god of Moses who was a son of El as they were praising Marduk…once again. Under the laws of “El” they are given many rules which they end up breaking and worshiping other gods like Shamash and Asteroth (brother and sister, the twins who are also known by Horus and Isis) . It’s my belief Shamash is the biblical Molech the bull god who they began child sacrifice to.

Ninurta gives up and exiles Israel to Marduk once again who by that time was chief god of Babylon. The later prophets who are speaking of god are speaking now about Marduk is doing for them. He’s got a different personality all together.

Through out history we see this triune worship of Marduk, Isis, and Shamash (God, the queen of heaven and the “sun/son” god.  From Egypt to Rome and now even today (if you know their symbolism).  I’m still studying up on stuff so feel free to disagree if you know more about anthropology or history. Check out this link for more. 


What is this CERN stuff?

I keep finding little bits of information about cern and scientist opening to door to another dimension???

I mean…whaaaaat?!!!

2015 has been some kind of year . We had yet another blood moon during the passover. Civil unrest here in America, Chile just had that massive volcano erupt.

theeeeeeen… not longer after the massive earthquake in Nepal where so far thousands of people have died. Could there be a connection? Not sure. I’m still trying to find more info on Cern. Some say that it has something to with the Day of Atonement in September. Others say they are trying to release Apollyon (the beast in the earth in Revelations). I assume this is the Babylonian Marduk or Azazel in the book of Enoch. Who knows. I realize most people don’t really study these type of things so it doesn’t matter in their day  to day life.

the above video is really religious…and promotes a lot of fear…so I don’t quite agree with all of it… just take it as a grain of salt.

I really don’t know why I’m so interested really. I just am. If anyone has any good resources hit me up. It’s hard to go with the “faith of mainstream religion” and what they tell us to believe since most of the “powers that be” run religion but keep there own “secrets”

How Earth developed from the asteroid belt

For those of us not conditioned to believe traditional religious teachings about where we come from, I would like to present to you the following video.

This guy is referencing old Babylonion mythology and the planet Tiamat. Tiamat was described as a serpent but is also the ancient name of earth before the giant cataclysm that destroyed half the planet and created the asteroid belt. Could it be possible that this ancient planet which was located in the goldilocks zone of the solar system was perhaps already inhabited by a race a beings? Could there be some descendants to those survivors still existing on earth today and could those descendants be the what ancient man described as serpent brothers, chitauri, or reptilians? Perhaps the spirits of those killed still exist on some astral plane with earth and these are what people define as “demons”.  Watch the video and give me your thoughts.

Is the Ice Bucket Challenge a Baptism Ritual?

I keep hearing about this on the internet …and while it may seem outlandish at first, I will still take time to entertain these ideas because symbolism is a big thing in this world. Even with religion, symbolism is important. The problem is many people do things ignorantly without full understanding. I would typically not have any issue either way with this ice bucket challenge, but I have also not been interested in participating. It seems that the world (yes with the internet the world, I just some some Kenyans participating) is engulfed with throwing ice water on their heads. In a nutshell I will tell you what I’ve heard so far if you haven’t been hearing.

First look at the big picture, we have chaos literally everywhere at one time; War in Ukraine, African Ebola, rampant police brutality and protests in America, and a “new” terrorist group named after an all too familiar Egyptian goddess. Then suddenly, all these celebs decide to post videos of them participating in an ice bucket challenge. I have no qualms about ALS yet I wonder why wouldn’t they do this for Ebola, HIV, or something slightly more rampant to society (ALS affects mostly white men) . America starts these self baptisms right after the media posts about the “fire challenge” (a act of completely insane individuals) . So here we have first the fire and now the ice. Those involved in the occult say this is an actual ritual and it must be willfully done and it must be ice water (32 degrees…one degree from 33) 32 degrees signifies freezing water and the point of change.

BUT MONTRE… the celebs are doing it and even President G.W.Bush did it

Well remember, saying you’re putting ice water on you and actually having ice water (32 degrees) on you is two different things. I believe that some that are promoting this aren’t doing it completely. (and some may knowingly understand they are doing a ritual) President Bush didn’t willfully do it but had it done to him against his will by his wife. President Obama has also decided not to do it and other government officials or ordered not to participate.  Recently, (but has kept slightly under the radar) the co-founder of the the Ice bucket challenge craze died (drowned in a separate incident) . My question is…IF it is a ritual and it is to one of the ancient anunnaki..which one? (Isis keeps popping up though and she is the eastern star, Venus who emerges from the water)  The age of Aquarius is symbolized with pouring and we also have the biblical scripture  ACTS 2:17 …water is continuously compared to the spirit.  Baptism is a way of pledging allegiance to something, rebirthing anew. Could Isis (Ishtar, Venus) be collecting people from Marduk (Mars, god of War, Amen Ra) for another great war?

. Now if any of this bother’s you, then your conscious will is way more powerful than any ritual…simply denounce it.  Remain a free spirit my friends. I found this Christian chick who is makes pretty good videos…check out her take on this… so far she has given the most in depth information and the dots she’s connecting…


in unrelated news I had a dream there were these labyrinth of tunnels in the earth that led to this heart of nucleus of the planet and was being guarded by this being…  #random just wanted to share that