Mercury Goes Direct!!

Hey guys, looks like you made it. hahaha. Mercury has been retrograde in Capricorn since December. With it in this sector, hopefully, you used the time to reorganize your life. We’ve seen plenty of delays with airports and travel this go around in the collective. Things should be getting better but we’ll improve on those issues.

Today is a universal day 8. The energy will be focused on finances and some of you … sex. (Oh la la la ) Power plays are really possible with this energy.

The Sun will conjunct pluto which will empower everyone to take charge of their lives. Be careful about butting heads with others. The card of the day says to drop your defenses. Have a great one and if you need a reading, you can get one today for $5 Click here

It’s that Beautiful retrograde

As we prepare for the Mercury retrograde in Gemini, I take into account how this is all going to affect me. It’s all about the mind , and the mind is a big part of how we manifest things. At this time, I realized this wasn’t going to be a time for new ideas but rather old ideas that have been sitting on the back burner too long.

I was thinking of all the unfinished projects I let sit on my computer. The old painting I said I would finish, the routines I said I would implement into my life. It’s kind of funny that we start this retrograde season with the moon in Virgo too. Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Of course, this energy will move people differently but this is just where my thoughts went.

Personally, I’ve already been moved to restudy my decks. Go back over symbols and relearn them. I’m writing down and documenting my spiritual practices (like I used to) . My intention is to be better at what I already know how to do and actually finish these “old ideas” . Whatever you put your mind to focus on , I send you good energy. Asé

Change is Coming Quickly, Uranus moves direct!

So we have Mercury the planet of communication retrograde and Venus retrograde as well. As a collective we’re all rethinking things and ideas that we once had. We’re seeing a lot of this regarding the information, misinformation, the news media and so forth. The world is taking a lot information regarding COVID and backtracking. The latest is defining people dying WITH COVID versus FROM COVID. A definite backtrack I related to Mercury retrograde.

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Venus is retrograde in Capricorn. She rules relationships and the boundaries we set for ourselves but Capricorn is also about government. Our relationship with the government comes into question. Where does the fine line of people and government fall? Are we ruled by them or do they rule over us? All in all Venus will question all relationships, even those with our parents, friends, lovers to establish what the rules actually are.

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Then good old Uranus the planet of quick change and innovation is moving direct in Taurus. He’s been there awhile . Uranus rules Aquarius (where Mercury is) , Venus rules Taurus (where Uranus is chilling) , Saturn (Aquarius old Ruler) rules Capricorn when Venus is. There’s a planetary exchange of energy here. Taurus is about our security, what makes us feel safe, our self worth and Uranus wants to make some changes quick to that. I see it like a earthquake, shaking things up and moving people around so hold tight. It may manifest physically like something like that I’ve heard of a few Volcano erupting in the news. Taurus is an earth sign.

Either way, we’re going to see a lot change starting this week regarding how we think about things and our relationships with ourselves and others. If you can flow with these changes you’ll be okay. If you don’t like change, you’ll have issues.

Mercury Retrograde, New Moon, and Uranus Changing Signs, Oh My!

There is just too much going on in the cosmos this week. Mercury retrograde in Pisces is going to have a lot of people digging deep into their subconscious and emotions. Everybody is going to be second thinking which is good. So … don’t panic!

The best way to deal with Mercury retrograde energy is to slow down and purposely do something over. People usually get screwed when they work against the energy and try doing new things, move too fast, or speak too soon. (So if that ex calls you… listen to them, but you don’t have to do anything)

Uranus is different. It takes 7 years to move from sign to sign and it’s going to move out of Aries into Taurus. I figure most Taurus people will have the hardest time since they don’t like their comfort zone screwed with. But that’s what Uranus does…shakes things up, transforms, and upgrades. In the end, you’re a better person for it. For all the other signs this transformation is having in different places of your life depending on the house it falls in. For example, Taurus is the second house of Aries. Aries transformed how they see themselves for the last 7 years and now they will be transforming their 2nd house of income (lucky you).

With the New Moon in Pisces so close to these aspects, it almost feels like a new year, a new beginning, a chance to ask the universe anything you want. For all the Pisces out there, this is your chance to ask the universe for a birthday gift (light the candle but don’t blow it out )

All in all, remember this is a universal 6 month in numerology. That’s all about balance and harmony. Everyone should use the energy of the month to balance out whatever is wacky this month. Use that retrograde energy to do a “personal audit”. If it’s broke, fix it. Do a spiritual spring cleaning. You’ll be a better person for it.