Mind Control and Hollywood Politics

There is something called MK Ultra which is a technique of mind control. It sounds like science fiction but it’s amazing about how many people talk about this being done in not only our government but in Hollywood industry entertainers.

If you’re not familiar with this, I advise that every one go google and research this topic.  Psychological warfare is real and present people.


What Happens When You Sleep with the TV on….

You ever just turn the TV on because it’s too quiet or so you can not feel so alone in the house? You’re not even really listening, but you just enjoy the “ambient noise”. Perhaps you just like laying on the couch and letting the sound lull you to sleep. Your brain is constantly absorbing and processing information even while you’re sleep. So the next question I ask is, what is the TV programming into you?

Found this cool video

(it got a little religious at the end but nevertheless….)

If you have time, the video above kept showing clips to an interesting movie that I think everyone should see. It’s old but hey , isn’t it throwback Thursday anyway? lol. (it’s been divided up in parts on a playlist)

link to the movie here : http://www.putlocker.com/file/688305EED891F552