Sex and Mind Control

I’m sure you’re like “OMG… what is he talking about now” but I promise you it won’t be something crazy. Kinda But it’s the first day of Scorpio and we all know what scorpios are about hehehe. PLUS, I’m in a reflective state of mind right now and I have began realizing what kind of things make me tick as a man. There was a time as  a kid when I was ready to go when the wind blew (if you get my drift) but now I realize that it when it comes to sexuality I’m more of a oven than I am a microwave. I am sure there are those in the gay community that are into microwave sex however, there comes the time when you realize that the better quality food is cooked slow.

Wait are we talking about food or sex? I hope I haven’t lost you in the metaphor. Growing up my attempts to identify my sexuality has been best described as bisexual (which has it’s ups and downs in both the hetero and homo sexual communities) but, if I get down to the nitty gritty what best describes me is sapiosexual. I am the type that will feel genuine attraction to someone who stimulates my mind regardless of gender. (think of the student who falls for their university professor..yeah I’m that type)  I think back at people who I felt no sexual attraction to no matter what they did, or how they looked and I realized there was one missing element. They were all about my body but weren’t connecting to me on some mental level.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve had my share of one night stands with out really knowing someone’s full name but in the same, there was some initial mental connection, some unspoken inside joke that was noticed, some mental discussion about attraction or perhaps they touched on the emotional dynamic slightly.

As I get older I realize there are three dynamics in what I want from another that distinctly affect the other dynamics substantially:

  • Emotional: intimacy, romance, imagination, freedom to be
  • Physical: Sexual prowness, desire and uninhibited
  • Mental stimulation: communication on some level and inspirational awareness

Doesn’t seem to much to ask, I guess where people differ is which dynamic is given priority. What do you think of my list? Did I miss anything? What would you give more weight?

What is this Reality?

I woke up in a fright. Thought I saw something but I was just in mid-dream. Somewhere between sleeping and awake. What is a dream? What is being awake? What is my brain? What is my mind? Are they one in the same?

Just because something seems real doesn’t mean it is. How convincing it can be. Is what I see being inputted in my mind or outputted? Is reality something that my mind is recording constantly into my brain as I live life daily or the opposite? Is my mind merely projecting reality onto a white screen of awareness….

My eyes are the lens and I am a camera. Life is a movie. But is the movie being created or merely viewed…am I the director, the movie critic, or the actor? Perhaps I’m all three.

Fighting the System

Lately, I have been having some deep discussions with friends and I felt the need to write some of those ideas down.

I’m not sure of how many people know or have any idea of what’s going on in the world but there are a lot of conspiracy theories.
Some theories are meant to divert us from the truth and some theories guide us to the truth.
[picapp src=”0292/26039846-9455-4035-a966-bb0043cc45f5.jpg” width=”318″ height=”480″ /]Recently, the year 2012 has been on every one’s mind. While I don’t believe there will be a total destruction of the planet, I do believe there will be some form of consciousness shift of the human mind. Lately, I’ve noticed more and more people putting away old, out-dated ideologies and dogmas to realize that there is greater, bigger truth that relates to all people. Yet the chasm of ignorance that separates those people and the one’s who can’t let go of old ideas grows larger.
My saying is usually this…


your decisions. If fear is the motivating force , I suggest you re think it whatever decision you have to make.
Is Fear making you:

  • get the flu shot?
  • vote a certain way?
  • hate a certain people?
  • be a certain religion?
  • live a lifestyle that’s a lie?
  • THEN STOP..[picapp src=”2/a/c/f/Stop_sign_studio_f6c2.jpg” width=”234″ height=”234″ /].
    simple. A great majority of people are motivated by their fears. FEAR is not the truth. FEARS will make you believe a lie.
    THE NEWS MEDIA is a FEAR PROMOTER…but the resistance promotes


    IF you are trying to break from the system, the matrix, the lies, you MUST learn to promote the ENERGY of LOVE.
    Sounds easy? You think you do that? Test YOURSELF. TEST your decisions daily.
    [picapp src=”0269/1fd06805-4f03-4912-8ac8-e627a908d175.jpg” width=”320″ height=”480″ /]Is the job you have, the thing you love or is it something you chose because you needed money?
    Did the fear of being poor or broke motivate you?
    Are you in love with the person you are with…or are you with someone who is just “okay” because you are FEARFUL of being alone?
    Are you in a particular religion [picapp src=”0270/4949eadf-2104-41f5-8899-f5a72f022472.jpg” width=”234″ height=”155″ /]because you love what it stands for or were you just FEARFUL of HELL?
    You must be honest with YOURSELF…about EVERYTHING. Make a change and you will free yourself. You will resist the system.