This is an awesome Mother’s Day video

My mother told me I was strong a few weeks ago. I was thinking to myself “really? .. I dunno.” Through all the hardship I’ve been through in my life, financial issues, dating life,  work life… I simply don’t have time to be emotional about it or get depressed (Even though I consider myself a very sensitive guy about most things) .  I have to focus on the next step. I reflect on the past and think– you’ve been through worse , you can get through this. It will get better.

I’m reminded of a time, my mother was driving us cross country. I think to Michigan, I can’t remember, I was young. It was storming hard and we could barely see  out the windshield. I was genuinely scared. I saw some cars had stopped under bridges because the rain was so hard and I suggested ( at my young age) that maybe we should do the same too. She was like, “Nope. It’s better to drive through the storm than to sit in it. We’ll get out of it faster”