Frequencies (movie) REVIEW

There is one movie that I think everybody that is an intellectual or philosophical to some degree must see. Frequencies questions whether things like fate, love, and the basis of who are can be measured and determined by the frequencies we give off. Zak who is a low frequency individual (but genius) goes to a private school with Marie who is a high frequency individual and a child prodigy. It would appear that the lower your frequency the less likely positive things will happen in your life. However, the side effect of having a high frequency and automatic prosperity is lack human empathy, which is Marie’s case. The whole movie surrounds around Zak’s love interest for Marie and his attempt to manipulate his own frequency to get to know her. I found that this movie was like a scientific Harry Potter using science as a way to control one’s outside world. Explaining how our own personal vibration and sound can subconsciously influence not only ourselves but other people. It’s a must watch, if you like thought provoking movies. If your attention span is that of a three year old…pass this one by.  

MOVIE Spoiler: HER

Okay so if you don’t like movie spoilers then don’t read anymore …


So I watched the movie Her and this is the movie in a nut shell:

  • Man is in the midst of horrible break up with wife
  • Man installs state of the art operating system on computer
  • Man falls in love with computer personality
  • Computer personality falls in love with man.
  • Man accepts love is possible .
  • Man divorces wife, and wife scoffs his love.
  • Man feels bad about loving computer.
  • Computer feels bad
  • Computer finds other intelligent operating systems to befriend.
  • Computer cheats on man with other people
  • Computer breaks up with Man.

Lol and there you have it people. Okay there’s a bit more detail to it and actually I like it. The boyfriend did NOT, so I guess it depends on what type of person you are. It plays on the question mainly about what does it mean to be alive or to be a person. If you like movies about what consciousness is and how that relates to our physical world then you will like it. Oh.. and there are some steamy cyber-sex scenes too (My imagination is rated X so … I was like WHOA). The movie HER has a indie film feel with big actors, and that’s why I enjoyed it. If you check it out or have seen it, leave me a comment and let me know what you thought.