Myspace Blog 2/17/2005

New thingsBack in 2005. I had an issue with job security. I really wanted to be famous…and I wanted money… I was determined to find a way OUT of Dallas. I was focused!


Subject New things
DateCreated 1/1/1900 12:00:00 AM
PostedDate 2/17/2005 7:19:00 AM
Body Hmm things are looking good for me so far…secrety i’ve been looking for another job which is real hard when your boss is always walking in your office asking what you’re doing …you can’t really say “im submitting my resume to people” lolbut alas i got a job interview today…I’ve been throwing people off cause all week ive dressed up…so they wouldnt suspect anything…because usually im tshirts and polo or something.

Saturday I need yall to pray for a brotha cause I have an audition as a VJ for a video show that is located in NYC…so if i get that I may be moving !

aiight thats about it…


Myspace Blog 2/10/2005

This when I was just dabbling with astrology.. imagine what i know now…

Your Valentine Horoscope

Subject Your Valentine Horoscope
DateCreated 1/1/1900 12:00:00 AM
PostedDate 2/10/2005 10:02:00 AM


Quit telling your loved one what they should get you for valentines. More than likely it’s not going to be as extravagant and well thought out as what you got them so get over it.


Whatever you plan, stop right now. You can’t afford it. You’re always overdoing things. Budget…just cause you spend alot of money doesnt make it better.


well Gemini, you’ve probably told your lover the tons of things you want to do on valentines…remember, its just one day don’t wear him/her out save something for next year.


You’re so in love aren’t you cancer? Already hearing wedding bells…calm down, don’t get so caught up in the moment. Makes sure the person is into you as you are them.


ROAR…lol sorry couldnt resist. I can’t tell you what to do ….you’re going to do whatever you want anyways. Just point of reference…i know you know how to celebrate and do it right, just don’t forget about the most important thing…love. Sometimes people just need to be told that.


Don’t worry so much, everything will be fine on Valentines (despite on what’s happend so far). You’re a mad perfectionist, but sometimes you just gotta let go and lose control and let whatever happens happen.


you are the master gift giver…trust your instincts but don’t let your heart mess your mind up. Take time, breathe, focus.


Already got something sexy planned? Or are you mad cause your lover didn’t call you today? Quit trippin, they still love you. Sometimes if you want attention you may wanna set the mood yourself and stop waiting on others.


WHo are you going to spend valentines with? You have so many options don’t you! I tell you what, plan a valentines party and invite them all.


Deep down you want romance, but can you stop working for one day to acknowledge that? You can do alot without money.


I know Valentines is just another day but please relize that IF you have finally found somebody who’s going to love you like you need to be loved they NEED YOU to do something special on Valentines, so with that said and without getting in any long discussion about the origin of Valentines and why you want to be different…just do it.


Um time is running out when exactly were you going to start planning for Valentines?


Myspace Blog 2/7/2005

Babysitting BluesThis… this whole blog just makes me shake my head…I was having issues.



Subject Babysitting Blues
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PostedDate 2/7/2005 5:23:00 PM
Body Gosh….okay ive had the craziest weekend…first, my best friend proposed to his girlfrend of 5 and angela had a fight about her insecurities yada yada yada …of which i won…for those that dont know you should never argue with me as im a master debater…wow that sounded nastyanywhoo

Angela lends me 300 bucks for my car…but then i go and lose it..guess it fell out my pocket so …plan b.

I hit my mom up…she gets back child support from my dad…she tells me the check wont be here in time but says that she will pay me money if i watch my lil brother who has a minor CP. Cerebral Palsy…which i say …what the heck..She gets money to pay people to help him…and i Need money. So I will be watching him for the next week or so…how exciting…he’s a bossy lil 13 year old on crutches…sometime i just wanna knock him over purpose. lol…he’s my brother i can do that, especially when he’s being a smartass.


Old Myspace Blogs 2/2/2005

I’m continue my walk down memory lane and my myspace blogging days…
I am so tired of REALITY SHOWSgiphy

Subject I am so tired of REALITY SHOWS
DateCreated 1/1/1900 12:00:00 AM
PostedDate 2/2/2005 2:32:00 PM
Body I mean …when is enough ENOUGH?WHen will networks get tired of this….i mean its not really reality …all they pick is wanna be models and actors anyhow. You never see reality shows with ugly people, fat folks (unless its the biggest loser) or people with disablities.

Reality TV is what people wish reality was. A bunch of drama summed up in one hour. but thats not reality.

In reality every body isn’t beautiful

IN reality everybody doesn’t care to share their opinions to perfect strangers

In Reality theres more than one black person in the world

IN reality if I meet a chick and she’s dationg 50 other bachelors while she’s dating me, I’m about to shoot her the deuce cause she’s probably sleeping with all of them.

IN reality, job interviews usually don’t have physical challenges

IN reality, you can get a makeover and still be ugly

and Finally, IN REALITY, I will never have to stay in a big house with seven complete strangers and be forced to get along. (if i dont like you i’ll either move or stay in my room)

I hate reality shows, why dont they call them like Low budget soap operas or something…cause thats what they are.

maybe i’m mad cause i haven’t been picked for one lol….