How Emotions Can Affect Your Reality

I think emotions, especially for men, can be seen as a negative thing and that really needs to stop. There is a link between consciousness, our subconscious, and how we feel about situations on a moment to moment basis. In fact it’s acknowledging those feelings where our true power comes. I found this thought provoking video with Jim Carrey talking on this subject, some people don’t know how deep this guy actually is because he is paid to be comically but just check it out.

So Let’s Talk Fourth Dimension Shit…

For some crazy reason I’m up at the crack ass of the morning and I can’t get back to sleep and this is the only thing on my mind. So like any good little blogger let me do a mental flush onto my keyboard (good thing I took plenty of fiber) .  So my thoughts have been going back and forth on what exactly is the fourth dimension and what it may feel like to be conscious of it. I believe more and more every day our world is preparing the minds of people to live in a fourth dimension reality whether we “realize” it or not.  For some speaking of fourth dimension consciousness is as vague as going back in time to 1984 and explaining a game on Nintendo Wii to some kid who knows only a game on Atari.

In all actuality video games is exactly the perfect example of dimensions.  The first dimension consists of just a point in the universe.  It is just a dot. The consciousness in that dimension is simple. Very little information, yet potential to become so much more. Then we move into the two dimension which is what others call “the flat land” . This is like the first video game “pong” . Remember that game? It was  a dot going back and forth between two straight lines.  The  world got more complex and detailed and soon it became a world of its own. Let’s use Super Mario’s World for example and imagine that Super Mario (in the first Nintendo game) is actually alive and unaware he is a video game.  His world is flat. He can only move left and right and jump up and down in his world in flat land.  He has no consciousness of depth. To explain depth or volume would be weird for poor Mario… life is hard enough trying to save the Princess!

To Mario, me, the player is like God. Mario can’t see that I have a controller and I’m pressing B to make him jump. Mario thinks he’s real, but I know he’s a character and I’m the mind he uses.

As technology evolves Mario’s world becomes three-dimensional. Same Mario, same player (me) but now I’m using different versions of Nintendo to include more information.  The universe is just bits of information. Light carries information…okay don’t want to lose you but yeah… the later versions of Mario carry more bits of info and now Mario can run through the depths of his world. He can run and turn around. His world is very much like how people are conscious now… in a third dimensional consciousness.  He still is unaware that I am playing. He is still unaware that his whole world is just a game… bits of information on a console. He is unaware that he is a program and that his true motivational driving force is something outside of himself, that there is a player.

But maybe Mario is slowly realizing that there’s something more than mushrooms and magic stars. Maybe he thinks that if he runs to the end of the game he can find the “player” .  If I could communicate to Mario, I would be like muse, an angel, a god. Maybe Mario wouldn’t think I was real. But in actuality Mario is the one who isn’t real. Mario is just a game; a program, a character created from someone’s mind. And Mario’s will is my will…the player.

Once Mario becomes conscious that he is not real… and that he is “Player 1” we move into fourth dimension consciousness. Fourth dimension consciousness [I believe] is literally…thinking outside the box. It is stepping out of the game and realizing that you’re the mind controlling the game. Your mind is “god”. The world, the people around you, the game, your self are all just programmed characters in the latest game.  

In a fourth dimension consciousness, you can turn off the super Mario game and realize …”hey I’m still here.” however you define “I” . Everything you believe you are is just a program for a particular game. The actual “you” is something bigger… (of course , now I’m being redundant) In fourth dimension consciousness you will not only be able to continue to play the game from a different perspective (seeing the game, outside the game, understanding the cheat codes and controls) but you will be able to be aware of other players, pause the game, stop the game, or start a new one.

This is, what I believe, fourth dimension consciousness is. It is realizing the entire universe is just … a kid playing a video game.