Full Moon IN Gemini Coming

I feel somewhat excited to say the least. It’s a partial lunar eclipse so in a nutshell it’s a powerful full moon. It’s a full moon with a lil “umph” in it. Gemini is about information, communication, movement of the mind. I sense there is gonna be a major download when it comes to how people think. It’s reflecting the Sagittarius sun which strives on the blunt truth…whether we like it or not. Sag is optimistic. Gemini is thinking and preparing for the worst. Does anything really surprise Gemini? All of this is happening November 29-30th at month’s end. But it’s just the beginning of truth bombs as it makes way for the SOLAR eclipse in Sagittarius (a grand new beginning) in December. I’m already seeing aspects of my own personal life moving around and I’m trying to gather my thoughts (hence me blogging) . Let me know what’s going in your life that sounds Gemini related.

November is a Universal Month 5

Ahhh sweet November! The seasons are changing and in numerology the five vibration should make things somewhat more carefree than last month’s 4 vibration. The universal month 5 will bring it’s creative energy. 5 means change as well, so many people will feel the need to change some aspect of their life. Romantic activities are also heightened during this month. For those with children, you may be more focused on them, besides Christmas is next month. TIme to see what those kiddies really want and start some early shopping. Be aware though, that mercury is still retrograde until mid-month. So I wouldn’t start buying any electronic items until near the end of the month. Have fun this month and take time to play. Let your inner child out! Enjoy the month!