Powerful week Ahead

Hey guys, just thought I share my weekly tarot read here since some of my simulcasting isnt quite working. If you missed it, in a nutshell we have some good astrological vibes pushing us to not only take a chance but be successful. I woke us this morning feeling just ansty. It may be the moon in Gemini. I always say work with the energy to manifest what you want. The oracle card I pulled for everyone is about taking charge of your life. For most people, you need to start today building the life you want.

How to manifest this week

You will want to first write your goals down. Aries season is like a new year. So just like people write their new years resolution on January 1st, you want to do that this week. Do you want to work out more? Do you want to have a healthier relationship? Do you want better friends? All the energy of the universe is pushing you to start that . So dont worry about the past 3 months and any resolution you didn’t keep. Mundane timing was off anyways. Now is the time. Watch the video below to see the forecast for your sun, rising and moon sign.

New Month New Energy

I woke up early feeling like charged. I don’t know why… December just does that to me. This month, however, is universal month 7 which is all about be rest, meditation, and planning. It’s my personal month 8 though. You figure out your personal month by adding the month and day of your birth and adding it to the universal month. Knowing your numerology for the month will give you a clue on how the energy is flowing for you so you can make your decisions accordingly. Hey… there’s a season for everything. This month we have a solar eclipse in Sagittarius and…. JUPITER AND SATURN conjunct on the WINTER SOLSTICE!!!! Yo…. if you’re in any way spiritual, you need to wake up to want is happening in the stars cause it’s something serious.

Good Morning Mortals

Happy Tuesday! I wanted to check in with you guys and discuss numerology real quick. 2020 is a universal month 4 so yes, it’s going to be about hard work but everything you plant this year will move you into a more stable life .

A universal year 4 is also about the home and family. No wonder we have spent soooo much time at home. Domestic issues have definitely been on the forefront. As we voyage through this second half of the year, tell me how your life has gotten better…not worse. How have you grown as a person?

August Tarot Forecast

Hey everyone! So I decided to go ahead and add a completed playlist for my monthly youtube videos so those who aren’t subscribed to my youtube channel can have their one stop shop for the monthly forecast. (I’m so nice)

After finishing I noticed a strong soulmate energy for every sign. If you have been been having issues with a partner or someone you have been interested in, you won’t be able to escape their energy for August. The universal number for August is 3. So there’s going to be a need to communicate! So face your problems and hash out your grievances. That Leo energy is going to give everyone the strength to ROAR and then we’ll get be trying to fix and analyze issues when we slip into Virgo.

scroll through the playlist and find your zodiac sign. Be sure to check your rising as well.

Daily Tarot Jan 24, 2020

Happy Friday! Don’t be too bad today with the devil card. This energy can remind us to think about what makes us feel trapped today. What is limiting you that’s bothering you? How can you break free?

It’s a universal day 11 which about manifestation and creating things not just by yourself but with others. Notice, there are two people on the card. This can also mean a highly lustful vibe but not really love. So of you want more make sure your intentions are set right.

Speaking of which, it’s new moon time and the new moon is going to be in Aquarius, which is all about free thinking. So let your mind run free today. Your only limitation is yourself.

Daily Tarot Jan 8, 2020

It’s a universal day 4 and that means you’ve got some work to do but …it’s still hump day so the rest of the day after that seems pretty chill.

Matter of fact, with the 3 of cups looks like a great time for happy hour. These folks are celebrating their accomplishments so far. So maybe something will be communicated that’s going to make you happy. If all else fails get out and do something after you’ve taken care of work.

Daily Tarot Dec 30, 2019

It’s a universal day 9 for Monday even though it’s the start of a new week, there’s a finalizing energy ruling the day. The best bet is to wrap up anything you haven’t completed before you move into the new year.

The Wheel of Fortune card is a strong energy that the actions today will benefit you. It’s not always in your control, but things are moving and changing. Trust that energy is directing you to a better place.

Daily Tarot Dec 27,2019

Hey now… How you doin? It’s Friday. And it’s a universal day 6. This energy is about… Wait for it… Love. But not just sex, I mean the real deal. The type of love where you see every shitty part of a person. The…”I’m going to help you home when you’re drunk” kinda love. It’s the love you have for friends, family members, and the one you have committed to.

Today you want to focus on those people. With the lovers card popping up this energy is even more reinforced. Tell someone how you really feel. I believe…. They need to hear it.

Daily Tarot Dec 26, 2019

Feeling love and giving love. Tis the season and queen of cups is ruling the day baby! We all feel a little bit more sensitive when she’s around. Maybe we should be nicer? What else can we give?

It’s a universal day 5 so the party hasn’t stopped. Everyone will still feel festive and want to go out I mean….

It’s only Thursday.

So the best bet for you today is, love someone. Some people will find a new love….whaaaat? Stranger things have happened.

Daily Tarot Dec 25 2019

Worried about the holiday? Merry Christmas. There’s a mixed energy today

It’s a universal day 4. Working , stability. Makes sense to be around family during this time. But you may be the one trying to make ” the perfect holiday” or

…you’re stressing about the holidays in general.

Why are you worried? Why are you stressed? If your mind is stirring and you can’t sleep remember there’s a lot of stuff going on in the cosmos. Not only is it Christmas but a new moon / solar eclipse.

So… Suck it up! Get your head together so you don’t create something you don’t want tomorrow. Focus on what’s right. Focus on what you want. Even if something bad happens it’s moving you toward your bigger goal. Release those worries to universe. Asé!