Daily Tarot Dec 27,2019

Hey now… How you doin? It’s Friday. And it’s a universal day 6. This energy is about… Wait for it… Love. But not just sex, I mean the real deal. The type of love where you see every shitty part of a person. The…”I’m going to help you home when you’re drunk” kinda love. It’s the love you have for friends, family members, and the one you have committed to.

Today you want to focus on those people. With the lovers card popping up this energy is even more reinforced. Tell someone how you really feel. I believe…. They need to hear it.

Daily Tarot Dec 26, 2019

Feeling love and giving love. Tis the season and queen of cups is ruling the day baby! We all feel a little bit more sensitive when she’s around. Maybe we should be nicer? What else can we give?

It’s a universal day 5 so the party hasn’t stopped. Everyone will still feel festive and want to go out I mean….

It’s only Thursday.

So the best bet for you today is, love someone. Some people will find a new love….whaaaat? Stranger things have happened.

Daily Tarot Dec 25 2019

Worried about the holiday? Merry Christmas. There’s a mixed energy today

It’s a universal day 4. Working , stability. Makes sense to be around family during this time. But you may be the one trying to make ” the perfect holiday” or

…you’re stressing about the holidays in general.

Why are you worried? Why are you stressed? If your mind is stirring and you can’t sleep remember there’s a lot of stuff going on in the cosmos. Not only is it Christmas but a new moon / solar eclipse.

So… Suck it up! Get your head together so you don’t create something you don’t want tomorrow. Focus on what’s right. Focus on what you want. Even if something bad happens it’s moving you toward your bigger goal. Release those worries to universe. Asé!

Daily Tarot Dec 24, 2019

It’s Christmas Eve and today is universal day 3. People are mentally alert and communicating and socializing. I had so many people messaging me this morning 😅. So you get messages or feel like socializing today with the 3 energy.

The six of wands joins the party. He’s fashionable late of course but everyone is glad to see him. People are catching up and know how successful he’s been all year. It’s a fun time.

Today is a social day so take some time to get out with some close friends and be merry. Celebrate your wins this year! Focus on your successes! Reward yourself!

Daily Tarot Dec 22, 2019

I’m hoping you all survived the solstice. Lol it should get better from here and daylight *slowly* returns. The energy of the day is a universal day one. The number one is about doing your own thing. You may spend the day alone being an individual. It’s okay to be selfish.

The 7 of cups says “look at your options” there’s plenty of choices out there. What do you really want? You don’t have to decide today, but it’s okay to observe. 😜

Daily Tarot Dec 21

Ahhh solstice time and we’re at this major turning point. It’s a a universal day 9. My advice? Don’t start anything new (unless it’s your personal day 1) . Finish up anything today you’re procrastinating on.

With the two of wands it’s a a day of contemplating the next plan of action. The world is yours and a whole new world is about to begin. Close out the old and get ready for something new.

Daily Tarot Dec 20

It’s a universal 8 day, this means power. When we have this energy with the strength card I feel this day empowering us to accomplish our dreams and goals. There’s a lot of strength today, but it’s not physical strength….it inner strength. It’s will. Harness it today, because anything is possible. Also…. happy Friday. 😜

Daily Tarot Dec 18

It’s a universal day 6 today with the star card popping up. It reminds me that things are getting better. In fact they will, because this card is a major arcana card. A 6 day energy flows love to those we care about the most. There’s a supportive energy there. We aren’t alone.

Don’t forget the sun is hitting galactic center. Things are happening fast. Manifestation is about to happen. Then the winter solstice. Funny I had a dream of the birthday song but it’s not my birthday. 🤔

How Personal and Universal Numerology Relate

In numerology, you can calculate the general universal number of the day, month, and year. But there is also your personal number. Your personal number can be way different that the general universal energy. The universal energy typically is the energy that is effecting everyone. But personally, you’re expressing things different. So what do you do when the universal energy says “work” but your personal energy is “rest” ?

Learning how to express Your personal numbers

The universe is always speaking to us and giving us instructions. As physicists say, the “language of the universe is math” . It’s not too much different in metaphysics. Numerology tells us a lot about the timing of the our lives. Life is just one big ol’ clock. For example we’re on a universal 3 year 2019 (2+0+1+9=12=broken down 1+2=3). That means, that in general everyone is big on communicating, the mind, and socializing. I’m born on March the 7th so … 3+7= 10 which equals 1. To get my personal year I add that 1 to the 3 to get 4. So my personal year is 4. What that means for me is that all year my mental energy, communicating, and socializing has been focused on my work life, stability, and security. If your personal year was 5(romance and sex) , for example, you may have been heavily dating in 2019 or meeting tons of new people. So while, everyone has the same general energy the focus is different.

You still choose your destiny

Numerology, however, can’t make you focus. It’s the universes way of showing you what your should focus on but you still have the choice to do other things. For instance, if you focus on dating and relationships and it’s not really that type of energy personally for you, you might not be so successful as the person with a personal 6(true love, routine) year. A person with a personal 6 year may be more apt to commit than, let’s say, a person experiencing a personal 9 year (closure, finishing). It’s just the energy. When you’re conscious of it, you can surf the ethereal wave better and not wipe out.

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