Who Left the Closet Door Open?

Is it me or is gay folk coming out the closet in the news  like every day!? Granted I have CNN on 24/7 at work because I work in social media, but I’ve noticed that its been the big thing on people’s   errr the media’s mind.

My thinking: it’s mainly because of the injustice going on in Russia. If you haven’t heard, Russia is where the Olympics 2014 is taking place and they also have been adamant about placing major anti-gay laws that could imprison people for homosexuality and does very little to protect gay hate crimes.


Sure… America has it’s own issues but how can we sit idle and not do anything? Only recently has this event encouraged Wentworth Miller to come out of the closet and admit he’s gay. (you remember… the guy from Prison break ooo La La)

Before that Bradley Manning, the one in trouble for the wiki-leaks recently said that he wanted a sex change, WWE wrestler, Darren Young admitted to being gay when questioned by TMZ, and Nickelodeon star, Lucas Cruikshank (b.k.a. “Fred” the annoying voice college student who thinks he’s a kid) Joined the rainbow party of those who are not ashamed of their sexuality when asked.

2013 seems to be the year to come out and be yourself! People seem to be more shocked and amazed that these macho celebs are more-so than their typical stereotypical hair-dresser.


All in all, I think that it’s good for Americans to see how many people are affected when “others” decide to discriminate and use bigotry to justify their prejudice against another group of people.

I understand that homosexuality is condemned in some religions so people feel torn, but there are a lot of things that these ancient religions condemn that people today do and no one sees it as wrong. Simply put, people change… how we think of the world thousands of years ago is not how we think of it now (ie. the Sun moving around the Earth or the Earth being flat)

Hopefully, as more gay men come out and become more vocal about the rights that affect others like them and refuse to “pretend” to “act straight” to blend in, then others will realize that there is nothing shameful or disrespectful about sexuality or who you feel you love. The only choice a man has is whether to be honest about his sexuality or to live a lie. For my hetero brothers and sisters who feel threatened by homosexuals … take a good look at yourself. This world is predominantly heterosexual and one man being honest with himself is not going to change one iota of your life and how you live it. People shouldn’t have to keep their relationship a secret to make other folk “comfortable” or to not rock the boat. It’s 2013 after all.. and I have hope in humanity even thought there’s all this craziness  in Russia, Jamaica, the Middle East, Africa … Texas. #sigh

How to Be OUT

I don’t know if I can answer my own subject. I can only share my own experience.

As a rule I approach everything with respect and dignity and I expect the same back. If you don’t know by now I have a user name “fratBrotha” meaning…I’m in a fraternity . It has come to my knowledge recently from another fraternity brother that they have caught wind via the net that I am bisexual.

Now let me state…im not in college anymore, and the men that are apparently gossipping about me are far into their adult age. So i find this quite amazing that people would be chatting about my sexuality as if it was that noteworthy in this day and time. Perhaps its just shocking and its something to burn the time, who knows.

Anyhow, one of my frat brothers emails me to let me know that such clatter is going on in Texas (but I live in Los angeles) . I tell him I am flattered that so many people have concerned themselves with my sexual behavior.

Just goes to show you that southern mentality.

Glad I left.

Why do people feel so shocked? Do people just simple expect all people to be the same (ie heterosexual) and if they are not, do you expect those people to be the stereotypical mold that you have created for them?I think not.

It has been enough to bother me to the point of writing this but after my vent I shall just accept the mentality of some people for just what it is.

My hope for the BLACK community in particular is that they learn to accept people no matter their differences or sexuality for it is hypocritical for us to fight for civil rights and then next breath turn our nose up on those with different sexual orientation in our OWN race. Plain hypocrisy . You don’t have to like it, but understand that people like me exist.

that’s all ask, understanding.