Is Enterovirus caused by VACCINES?

Over 40 states have reported that children mostly under 18 have contracted the enterovirus which has killed some and cause neurological damage in others that has paralyzed them. It’s sad really and my sympathy goes out to the families who have children going through this. Online I have heard ridiculous claims that its because of the open borders and the immigrants that recently came across the border, however a virus typically doesn’t discriminate and this one has made it’s way all through the midwest. I question one thing that most kids under 18 have to under go before going off to school. What is the only common denominator that these children have in common from state to state? Why is no one questioning whether or not a faulty vaccine was administered? Maybe because if something like that got out, heads would roll. Who would be the scape goat? Who allowed a faulty vaccine to make the children sick instead of making them well? But instead of questioning the system.. we want to blame immigrants who probably still haven’t left Texas yet. Next to Ebola, CDC is keeping themselves busy with national outbreaks this year. Well play CDC …well played.