Is Reality actually just Virtual?

Is reality just a computer simulation? Is the universe just a big computer code or the matrix? This is video that has me thinking deeply today. Of course I’m always thinking deeply. Sometimes I feel like the more I learn about the world the more I’m just like… speechless.

Stuff that seems important to so many others because just ridiculous. How we navigate through this world, define ourselves, get what we want, changes on so many levels.

Joe Rogan has come a long way. His podcasts are pretty interesting. He’s come a long way from “Fear Factor” After you watch the video let me know what you think about what you believe is the essence of reality, the universe, our minds and how do you think the world will change as we gain more information. Sometimes I feel like information is being repressed. What do you think?

If you have time check out this TED talk as well

God is Nothing

Ah now that I have your attention…

I would like to direct you to this following video. I did a post of what it means to “exist” and why we as humans in our finite understanding put so much emphasis on existence. Lately I have been trying to understand the state of nothingness which for some…is just too deep. (feel free to exit the blog if you wish) You are welcome to write me off as some metaphysical nutjob …I’m sure your religion has managed to explain all life’s mysteries and there’s no need to learn or ask questions anymore…but IM STILL THINKING…so I digress…

Check my previous blog here on this topic

and whether you like Alan Watts or not please check this video out :

In a nutshell, I have said before my belief is that “God” is a state of being and not something or someone to be objectified. For  example… attempting to “find love” is foolish. Embrace the idea of love and do what you love, and you will experience love. More love will be experienced. You can find someone to love when you have it give. But that person is not love itself, but merely the object of your love. Love is really nothing and you find something to define it by (people, family, sex, food, job, pets, religion). Nothingness is the state Something resides in. The question remains can we have something out of nothing? You can only create on a blank slate. Shadows are only cast in extreme light and rays of light only exist in darkness. We are defined by our contrasts and balanced because of the potential of nothing. too deep? Probably. 

The idea of dying and becoming nothing … frightening to some. But all there is …is nothing. (remember how you felt before you were born? No…didn’t think so) There is more nothing in the universe than something..and that is what eternity is because that’s what last eternally ….nothing. The objects in space (the somethings) are the only things that are finite. So if God is eternal…then God is nothing.

Does God Exist?

First, those that know me understand my thoughts about God. I believe in a God but not as clearly defined by religious doctrine. I question, does God exist in that is it  possible to be and not actual be a “being”? Let’s define exist:


  1. Have objective reality or being.
  2. Be found, esp. in a particular place or situation.

If I ask you, “Does a doughnut have a center?” the answer can both yes and no. The center of the doughnut is non existent. The center is only defined by the outer doughnut (the part that exists) . Is the creator given definition by the creation? Another example is a droplet of water hitting a stagnant pool of water. The drop hits the center and creates a current or ripple effect. The ripples continue to expand larger and larger.  The original drop does not exist anymore but the ripples are the effect of its being.    Does love exist? Can it truly be contained and measured or is it only defined by what love affects? Perhaps…only perhaps God is the same.
If existence is defined as anything in time and space. Then it is not infinite nor eternal. God can not both be in existence and be infinite. Perhaps God is the number zero; the state of not being. My Christian friends say God exists outside of time. But outside of time and space there is nothing.
Perhaps God did exist and divided it’s state of being to create the universe much like a single cell goes into mitosis or a seed dies to become a flower full of the same seeds. Perhaps all of creation is just the residual effect of that one original. God continues to exist “materially” through creation and “intangibly” through nothingness. It is a philosophical stretch to say perhaps Christians and Atheist are arguing about two sides of the same coin. Heads or tails it’s still a dime and perhaps that’s all that matters or anti-matters.

IN the beginning…

… there was light. The universe is comprised of light and darkness. Light is comprised of a holy trinity. Light has three primary components (Blue, Green and Red). These colors cannot be created by other colors and all other colors come from them. Red is the color of old stars while blue is the color of younger stars. The affects of red light create an opposite affect than that of blue light to humans. Red is the stimulant, passionate, agression, action, attention. Blue is loyal, slow, colder, calm, intuition, communicative (ask yourself how do you feel when you see each color).  Green light is the balancing force of the two. Green is peace, relaxed, harmony, life, growth.Is it any coincidence that Republicans are represented by red, Democrats by blue and now we have a “Green” Party? When all three primary light spectrums join creates white light. White light is consciousness. (good morning) . Our sun projects white light White light contains the ability to be divided into any number of different colors we can see and cannot. Light travels in waves. I wonder if you could hear light how would it sound. Everything we see is merely light waves being intercepted by our eyes and being interpreted by our mind. All everything we see is energy.


First watch the video above. I actually saw this after I decided to blog about this particular subject. It’s been on my mind to talk about this. Also view my video about this subject of being spiritually online from my pov.

Okay. So the question here is HOW to get spiritually online. You can have a computer, a broswer, and tons of programs but you may never get online without a modem with internet connection. Your internet connection is a manifestation in the physical realm of your supernatural “inner-net” connection. [picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=man+online&iid=259770″ src=”″ width=”234″ height=”331″ /]As much as I abhor organized religion, it can get you connection. It just seems that some of the larger companies (ie religions) charge more, have tight contracts, and have hidden fees. But either way…the internet (or your spirituality) is free. You don’t need to OWN a connection you just need a modem that can receive signals. Are you spiritually receptive? If you are then you can find that one server (or religious idea) that can “serve” you the purpose of getting connected.

If you notice, getting online in our physical world is getting faster and faster. So is the same with the spiritual world. Right now everyone wants to access the 4G network (or 4th generation) …which so far is the fastest. This way you get information faster through whatever device you use. So is the same with spirituality. If you are still functioning on old servers that use dial up you may be spiritually online just not receiving “spiritual awareness” in the fastest way possible. [picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=man+online&iid=186616″ src=”″ width=”234″ height=”156″ /]

At this point in time, it is imperative for people to continue to upgrade themselves spiritually and to receive and give spiritual information as quickly as possible.

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=man+computer&iid=7291947″ src=”″ width=”234″ height=”156″ /]

Do you know who you are really? Are you your online profile? Or is your online profile just representative of who you are? How people see you in this world is no more the true nature of who you are any more than your online profile is. Our “username”, our likes, the things we want to share, our social network connections are just representations of our lives. But there’s way more. You are the mind behind the profile. You are the mind OUTSIDE the computer not IN it.

In my video I spoke about programs. Your programs are the ideas in your mind that you have access to. They are the beliefs and gifts that you have. Some people use maybe one program but have many many programs on their “hard drive” . But if you don’t know you have them…you can’t use them.

When you are spiritually online, not only can you automatically upgrade all your programs but you download new programs to use in your daily life. Much like that matrix scene.

Ahh I love the matrix fight scenes… if only for that. But the ideas are good too.

Take time to know YOUR PROGRAMS and make sure that there are no programs that have been downloaded into your hard drive that you didn’t put there. It is up the operator (you) to remove any programs that you have that you don’t want. ONLY you can do that.

Free your mind.
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See and Hear the BIG PICTURE

My previous post, I was blogging about comparing “God” to a girl playing with her dolls and we are representative of those dolls.
To reinerate, I say representative because what we are is not the dolls (or physical) themselves, but, we are actually the soul of the one playing.

We are all but branches and different manifestations of the same mind. [picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=puzzle&iid=291455″ src=”0288/ab485ec4-63bf-45c9-8884-b087fced97d8.jpg” width=”234″ height=”155″ /]We are like individual puzzle pieces trying to lock in where we fit together to create something bigger.
When we raise our own personal awareness and realize that our mind is God’s mind and that God does not necessarily talk to us so much as it talks through us.

I do not use the word it disrespectfully for those who are more conditioned to refer God as masculine. In truth, to refer to the Source of existence simply a male, is too limiting in view.

To see the bigger picture we have to realize that we are connected. [picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=connect&iid=5063844″ src=”0/a/1/c/Parents_with_children_935e.jpg” width=”234″ height=”176″ /]We are one. Listen to the crazy babble that homeless guy says (or your mother). Notice the themes in everyone’s conversation. Observe the small nuances in the course of your day. They are telling you something.
People all too readily seek holy books to hear from the Higher power.(which is okay for learning) But the Higher Power is actually the Inner Power that is constantly active. The Ruach HaKodesh exists in every living being (no need to ask for it) and wants freedom to express itself fully (just let it).[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=connect&iid=5063341″ src=”5/3/d/c/Young_man_turning_5ecf.jpg” align=”right” width=”234″ height=”333″ /]
Just like light or fire, it’s one desire is to spread, to illuminate…unconditionally and completely. Fire (light) does not care of race, religion, dogma, denomination, or politics. It has no concept of fear and refuses to be controlled. It is about action!
That fire IS the SOURCE of US.[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=fire&iid=5066453″ src=”2/c/8/7/Boy_79_holding_ec59.jpg” width=”234″ height=”156″ /] Alone …you are just a spark. Together…

WE are a FORCE