Getting ready for this Neptune Jupiter Conjunction

So I’m sure if you’re into astrology then you’ve already heard about this conjunction. Anytime big planets join their energy it’s like “wonder twin power activate!”

Ive been wondering how this transit is going to affect my life. I’m a Pisces after all but it’s happening in 4th house of home and family. I already work from home and love it but what more can Jupiter and Neptune do for my sense of “security” ….buy an alarm system? Lol

Since Neptune has been in this sector I’ve started doing Oranum psychic line from home, so maybe there’s more I can do there. Life has been ups and down but I’m optimistic things will get better. My day job is ok but I wish I got paid more especially in this economy. (Why couldn’t this happen in my 2nd house 😭)

Anywho… I’ll keep y’all posted if anything changes 😜

Mercury Retrograde, New Moon, and Uranus Changing Signs, Oh My!

There is just too much going on in the cosmos this week. Mercury retrograde in Pisces is going to have a lot of people digging deep into their subconscious and emotions. Everybody is going to be second thinking which is good. So … don’t panic!

The best way to deal with Mercury retrograde energy is to slow down and purposely do something over. People usually get screwed when they work against the energy and try doing new things, move too fast, or speak too soon. (So if that ex calls you… listen to them, but you don’t have to do anything)

Uranus is different. It takes 7 years to move from sign to sign and it’s going to move out of Aries into Taurus. I figure most Taurus people will have the hardest time since they don’t like their comfort zone screwed with. But that’s what Uranus does…shakes things up, transforms, and upgrades. In the end, you’re a better person for it. For all the other signs this transformation is having in different places of your life depending on the house it falls in. For example, Taurus is the second house of Aries. Aries transformed how they see themselves for the last 7 years and now they will be transforming their 2nd house of income (lucky you).

With the New Moon in Pisces so close to these aspects, it almost feels like a new year, a new beginning, a chance to ask the universe anything you want. For all the Pisces out there, this is your chance to ask the universe for a birthday gift (light the candle but don’t blow it out )

All in all, remember this is a universal 6 month in numerology. That’s all about balance and harmony. Everyone should use the energy of the month to balance out whatever is wacky this month. Use that retrograde energy to do a “personal audit”. If it’s broke, fix it. Do a spiritual spring cleaning. You’ll be a better person for it.

Is Justin Bieber Headed toward a Breakdown? #teampisces

I know , I know some of you are like, “Why are you talking about Justin Bieber of all people?”

Recently Justin Bieber was in the news for being fed up with all the screaming of his fans. (One reason why I hate teeny-bopper concerts) I kind of feel for the guy, he is a fellow Pisces and at some moments I understand his outbursts and his sense of being lost. Pisces are pretty good at being on stage but it’s not fame in itself that brings us happiness. Without true connection, we’re more apt to not feel completely whole in ourselves. This is where the negative side of Pisces comes into play, depression…drug abuse. Let’s not forget one famed Pisces, Kurt Cobain.

The music industry could care less about Beiber, and if they would probably love nothing more to push him to the brink to do something extreme. Record sales would go up from a tragic demise (not saying I want that to happen)

What we’re seeing with the Beibs is a Pisces who is overworked and not content with life. He has money but now he’s probably thinking, “Now what?” . He’s had failed relationships and not sure if girls want to be with him for him or to be famous and push their careers forward. Fame can be hard. He wants what we all want at that age…love and connection. (Well any age really)

My Prediction

We’re watching young Justin Bieber grow and mature into the person he wants to be. I guess he’ll probably escape the limelight and fame somehow. (he’s under contract though to perform) Pisces are masters of escaping…he may self-sabotage himself to get out of it. The islands have been his refuge for quite some time and his new music has even been reflecting some Caribbean undertones. I really think he’ll disappear awhile on some spiritual journey and figure a way to reinvent himself. I predict by the time he turns 30 (Hell, maybe by the time he turns 25) his music will be more acoustic and intimate, less pop. Beibs if you’re reading this opt-in for smaller venues!

All in all , I can see when a person is burnt out and I really hope the best for him. I remember what happened to Britney Spears when she burned out in front of the world but look at her now. It’s never easy when you live your life in the public eye and just because you have money and fame doesn’t mean you’re happy.