I’m Not a “Nigga”

This topic is like beating a dead horse as many before have spoken on the issue and literally tried to bury it in real life…

Now it’s typically referred to as the N-word. Taboo for the politically correct and often embraced by young people both African American and abroad as a “cool-hip” term of someone who is “hood” or “street smart”. We know the historical background. There’s no need to go back in time for that. It just baffles me that people seem to equate it to “being black” when it truth, it has never meant black excellence but merely apathy. You’ll never see an article saying “Nigga Parents send kids off to College” or “100 niggas graduated High School with honors” .


Apathy in itself is not exclusive to a color or race, which is why so many young people might relate to the term in itself. But it’s ties with being used as racial oppression can not be ignored. It surprises me that those, who relate to term, are surprised at others who relate to the term and no negative things.


While I understand tweet above’s intent, it’s lost to the point where he expects someone who refers themself as “nigga” to not make him look worse because it’s his own self-identifying title. But honestly, bad behavior, selfish desire, and the need to only “survive” comes hand in hand with identifying as “nigga” . It’s a word created by racist white people on their stereotypical expectation of African Americans.

We can lump it with all other negative self identifying titles that some use ( Fag, Bitch, Hoe, ) All of which are used by people to self-identify but they also find offensive when used by any outside their “group” . Funny, I can’t think of negative self-term that straight white men use for their self that is equally as offensive (redneck doesn’t cut it and Cracker has more to do with “cracking a whip” than it does those crunchy snacks.. ie “young whipper-snapper”)

The above video by James Baldwin explains that the terms that some choose to identify with are only tools for racists to say… “See, I told you so” . But this is America, we can literally self-identify as we choose. But it has always been a label to “bring someone lower” / insult (and that someone doesn’t have to be African-American)


My question, why would anyone want to identify as being “less than” ?

It baffles me, but what can i expect in a world where people hurt children, lick ice cream in stores, and kill each other because “they don’t like the music they’re listening to” . We can continue to focus on the negative or move forward toward positive change. If you love your self you will identify yourself as something more without having to degrade others. Therein lies the issue. People who don’t love themselves have nothing to lose. Loving yourself has nothing to do with racial background, gender, or sexual orientation. It has everything to do with the man in the mirror. Be good to yourself. Asé

LGBT ISSUES: Acceptance Vs. Tolerance

It’s 2018 and the year of 2019 is on the horizon. Our present world in the past few years has legalized marriage equality and a many young LGBT people see a hope in the future that those before them couldn’t even imagine. I life out of the shadows. A normal life.

But as LGBT Americans, like myself, move forward on this new hope to create our lives and be able to live our lives in peace we can’t be naive and believe that everybody is on board with such ideals. Being an American Black person I’m not naive that racist people exist and continue to raise their children to do the same. I’m not naive when I see blatant misogyny towards women in society either. But I also believe this America, and while we are fighting for our freedoms we also need to give people the freedom to be who they are…( no matter how backwards that may be. ) Which is why I believe tolerance should be something that is strived for and not so much acceptance. Give me a second and I’ll explain why.

No matter what group you identify with it seems everyone wants someone else to accept them. I think social media has created this NEED to be accepted. But honestly, that’s not reality. Acceptance is something you can’t force and it’s definitely something that doesn’t happen overnight.


  1. 1.the action of consenting to receive or undertake something offered.” charges involving the acceptance of bribes” synonyms: receipt, receiving, taking, obtaining More
  2. 2.the action or process of being received as adequate or suitable, typically to be admitted into a group.

When you accept someone or something, you allow it into your life completely. People that I personally typically accept become my friends… they know me and I know them. Tolerance, on the other hand, is different. You’re not particularly in my life insomuch you’re just a part of the many aspects of my life.


  1. 1.the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.

When I tolerate something. I don’t have to agree with it. I just acknowledge it exists and respect its ability to exist. So, for example, I accept my friends and I tolerate some of my co-workers (no names need to be said).

The Problem

In this politically correct world, we’ve moved from people preaching tolerance to people demanding acceptance. Demanding acceptance is like saying:


Demanding acceptance whether it be sexual preference, racial, gender identity, weight, or whatever from people who typically may not accept you will only backfire and cause those other people to feel stifled and to retaliate in an even more hateful manner.

Why would anyone demand someone else to like them anyhow? We don’t really need that. What we need is tolerance. What we need is for people to have the freedom to believe what they want and live their lives as they want without someone else interfering on their personal freedom or beliefs.

“So you’re saying we should tolerate racist, sexist, religious bigots?”

Actually, more or less yes. Racism didn’t end with Martin Luther King Jr. and homophobia didn’t end when marriage equality was legalized. Those people will still exist. Trying to get those people to accept you is a waste of energy. (Use that energy to accept yourself.. that’s another blog) I tolerate bigots and racists exist but once they move into action to interfere in my life that’s when we have problems. So if they wanna wave their confederate flag (at home) and hate gay folk…that’s their right. But when they decide that it should be expressed in front of my house, expressed online to demean and attack, or they want to keep me out a job because of my race or sexual orientation, then it’s impeding on my freedoms.

The Solution

“The right to swing my fist ends where the other man’s nose begins.” 

-Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

It’s simple. When you tolerate people, you may not like them but you respect them as human beings and treat them as you would like them to treat you. Anything less is disrespectful. You see if we all practice tolerance then everyone can live peacefully. When people go beyond tolerance, then they go on the offensive. Intolerance is the only thing that can not be accepted. 

Montré Bible is a five-time published author and is releasing his new novel Sons of Heaven on Amazon.com Dec 21, 2018

5 Ways How People May Be Racist and Not Realize It #ParkerRice

So I live in Dallas and after this whole SAU chant scandal, it moves closer to home as these “oh so wonderful” college students (two matter of fact) happen to be from Dallas, TX. Dallas has a long history of racism and still has what I called “passive racism”.

Passive racism versus aggressive racism is the type that a white guy may not call you the n-word to your face but he’ll wait until you’re gone and say it around his friends. When you complain about passive racism it is real easy for people to write you off as being “sensitive”.  It’s when you’re at the bar and people go out their way to not make conversation with you or servers and bartenders literally look over you like you’re not there. It would be ridiculous to “assume” it’s because you’re a different color but if you compare notes with other friends you may find that there’s a track record. It’s a crude joke, an unwelcome comment, a fetish, or an inappropriate stereotype (because you’re black) .

I have watched on the news as friends and family in Dallas have come to the defense (yes, the actual defense) to Parker Rice saying “Oh he’s not a racist.”

People think that racism is about hating Black people and that’s not the case. I’ve heard this song and dance before and I’ll tell you why Parker and people like him are racist and don’t even know it.

 They deep down think they are better because they are white. 

period . Drop the mic

1.They don’t see Blacks as equals. They believe they should have a better life because their racial “status” . Some develop a sort of “elitism” and look down on other races or don’t trust them. Those who don’t achieve success will be angry at a Black who achieved it before they admit their own shortcomings (OBAMA!!!!). Some Caucasian people seriously don’t understand a need for diversity. If you ask them who is the best singer, rapper, groups they may mention Justin Timberlake, Eminem, and Iggy respectfully. And it’s not because that they’ve compared it to other music. It’s mainly because they have no interest in anything until they see a white face attached.

2. It may also come off in a passive racist way of thinking that Blacks are only successful through the influence of white people.

The poor black people in the ghetto. Their history begins in slavery. (lies) . Africa is so poor and diseased. There is no way that a Black person could be intelligent or make out the “hood” without a white savior. Movies sometimes reinforce this propaganda. They don’t take time to learn real history good or bad.

In the working world it may be that you may get the job but they will never promote you. A good supervisor should give you the tools to one day do their job (especially if they are planning on promotion) . But a passive racist will give you a subordinate job and will work you hard with lesser pay. You won’t think its about race until one of his “friends” jumps up the ranks before you. He’s a good ol boy.

3. They actually think “cracker” is as equally offensive as the n-word.

Be that cracker was a word created by whites to depict a person who cracks the whip on slaves and phrases like “look at that young whipper snapper” also were words of endearment that also referred to a slave whipper does not quite equate with a word that degrades a whole race as “less than”

The N-word and any derivative of it …has always meant a person who is less than (willfully ignorant) …typically the Black person. But that discussion is for another blog.

4. They objectify Black people.

Oh look! they have a black friend, collect Black music, and occasionally they enjoy Black dick. Everything connected with Black is a fetish…a collectors item. Black people are not people, they are trophies from Africa to put on their mantel. They just love Black people.

5. They feel fearful or uncomfortable if they are in an environment where the majority of people are Black.

I remember when I took an study abroad course in Jamaica and there was this one clueless, apparently from money, girl who literally had a panic attack when we got there. She couldn’t leave the hotel. I guess it felt different when everywhere you go there are Black faces.

The professors said it was “culture shock” which is a politically correct way of saying she was scared of all the black people. Usually people like this won’t be comfortable unless they are in control of the situation and the people like that movie, “The man that Would be King” . It’s almost a “god-complex” .

Are all white people racist? No. Are all racists white? NOPE! It’s really difficult to identify internalized passive racism just as hard as it to identify internalized homophobia. You just don’t know until you’re faced with it. I don’t believe anybody wants to be racist. It just happens. It’s way easier for Caucasians because they have the ability to isolate themselves in white environments, with white television, and white media and never have to acknowledge anyone else exists or is important. Being “diverse” is like a field trip but they can return to their utopia society anytime they want. In America, it’s not the same with any other ethnicity. As with any state of ignorance, with any race the only solution is education and empathy. Without that , we will not be able to move forward from antiquated modes of thought.