September already? đź‘€

It was a long month. Things got better and worse at the same time. I’m hopeful that even with the bad things, it will open a door of opportunity. No weekly Tarot this week. Still working on the monthly tarot….and everyone so far is about love. What’s new right?

Our relationships whether plutonic or romantic are the defining borders of emotional ocean…or shallow ponds. We have to pick and choose our associations wisely mainly because we become more like those we hang around.

I won’t rant long. I just felt the need to vent. I’m still optimistic that life is moving me toward some grand plan… Talk later….

Birthday Reflections

Yep... Im feeling myself.  #askaboutme I’m clicked into self reflection mode. Time to look back. I do that a lot. It helps me remember why I’m doing things. I found this year I’m getting better at reading signs and knowing the timing of things. It helps, kinda like using a farmer’s almanac. This year more than ever I felt like people called on me to read cards for them, which was quite interesting.

#tarot #cardoftheday three of swords reversed.  Dammit stop reminiscing over past heart aches! Lol I know it's hard June 04, 2015 at 0729AM

I realized this year that I’ve become even more patient or moreso tolerant of other people while at the same time putting ample space between drama and myself.  I’ve met some new people and gotten closer to others all in my pursuit to be more “social”. I’ve slept with folks and completely forgotten them and thus realized that I need to take intimacy a lot slower if I desire to keep people in my long term memory. tumblr_inline_mme4rkwein1qz4rgpI didn’t fall head over heals in love with someone but I did stay open for the chance. At the same time I realize …hey there’s some things I need to work  and learn about life and relationships and I my sole purpose shouldn’t be just finding someone to be with.


Is it 5 o'clock yet

A new job this brought new challenges, and helped me see for myself that I am very talented and creative. There’s still untapped potential that I have yet to use.

Sitting backstage waiting for my part # acting #rehearsals #dallasactor September 03, 2015 at 0754PM

I’ve gotten the chance to get back into acting again this and realized how much I’ve missed it.

The gray hair in my beard and my drowsiness at the bar late at night  reminds me of my age, mocking me  yet pushing me to not waste time.

Life is about challenges and cycles and I’m sure this next year of my life won’t be void of those type of experiences.

My Thoughts on the Latest Virginia Shooting… #brycewilliams

I don’t know if anyone’s noticed but Virginia seems to be pretty popular with crazy shootings. I just google Virginia and shooting and other shit pops up… but I digress…


There’s a lot that goes through my mind, first, I’m not sure if I can believe the mainstream media or not. Everything just happened so fast and my first thoughts were…

something is up.

I was relieved I wasn’t the only one feeling that. When my spider sense tingles I always wait for more information to pop up. True enough, more people are finding holes in the story. But that’s neither here or there. If the corporate controlled media is creating news to ultimately create a desired outcome or mass sentiment among the population, what could that possibly be? Race relations are at an all time high and people are just divided. That seems to reach its peaks during election time like clockwork. From the shooting to Trump talking about the latino journalist, people are picking sides and blaming the other for the detriment of the country. It’s always that group…and not just that guy. My solution, is that everyone take the news with a grain of salt and try not to let it rouse your emotions.

My second thought was that the media was being used to make a case on gun control laws. The President has been stating this case over and over and it looks like the more emotional people become, the more likely that Congress will pass a law. Besides, if you want to scare white people, blast a story about black people going berserk on white people and shooting them. Hoax or not, it’s sure to get the desired outcome if you want gun control. I don’t have a gun but I know people with guns ( I live in Texas) . I really don’t have an opinion here or there but I understand the gun owners side.

My third thought was, if this is a real bona-fide story, then we have a big issue of how we communicate with each other. This shooter was older, overweight, unemployed, black, religious, and gay… lawd a combination in itself that can cause conflict with a persons mental stability. Lot’s of gay guys have issues with growing older and physical image, and his manifesto continued on about his past modeling (get out of the past dude) and it sounds like he was constantly playing the “victim” card to make a buck.

I’m all for people fighting against discrimination when it’s due but also know drama queens that provoke issues and then cry when they get fired. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. If you’re generally a good person I seriously believe someone will come to your aid to back you up (other than a lawyer); but that can be my optimistic hopeful view I have about humanity. Then there’s the religious issue vs. being gay, the black issue vs. being gay, the unemployment issue and race….this guy sounds like he not only had self-esteem issues, but life goal issues, and perhaps depression which all rolls up into a ball of anger. In a world where people feel rejected by any and everything from race to sexual orientation I seriously believe he stopped loving himself because he didn’t believe anyone loved him and so…it made it easy for him to kill.

People who murder fail to see their connection with Universe and thus fail to see their connection with others.

Hate kills us all. So let’s refrain from allowing this story to perpetuate any more hate. As well, think rationally and don’t make decisions based out of fear. Are guns the problem or is mental instability? How then do we deal with our neighbor from day-to-day (even the ones we don’t like) ? That is the question.