Saturn Retrograde June 5th

Saturn is about rules, obstacles, hard lessons, karma and responsibility. Aquarius is about our society, the collective and how we relate to each other. Saturn is an ancient ruler to Aquarius so , unlike Capricorn, it expresses itself as “new rules” or innovating society in some way. Of course we’ve seen that in spades this past couple of years. When retrograde, think of Saturn as taking an audit of what’s happened and if it’s working. Saturn will be doing this all Summer all the way until October.

Personally you have to see where Saturn falls in your birth chart to know how it will affect you. It’s in my 3rd house of mind and social life, also where my moon is . Lately, i’ve been auditing how I feel about things and people. Then I got this for a spread on myself on how Saturn will affect my life.

if this doesnt show how tired of bullshit I am … I don’t know what does. This next few months will be a time for me to love myself (ace of cups reversed )and stop putting thoughts on things and people that don’t matter (10 of swords) .

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Major Astrological Things Happening This Summer

We’re getting really close to the Summer Solstice and I’m sure a few of you are excited about that. The longest day of the year. A time to celebrate the life giving energy of the sun and all that entails but there’s so other things that caught my attention. Neptune is going retrograde.

Okay… I get it. It’s not as popular as the Mercury retrograde and probably not as noticeable but here’s the weird thing. Neptune will be joining THREE other planets in this retrograde movement in their own HOME signs. Neptune is retrograde in Pisces. Jupiter is retrograde in Sagittarius. Saturn is retrograde in Capricorn. These are powerful movements and the energy is going to pull us to reevaluate several areas of our lives.

Neptune and Pisces rules the spiritual, the unknown, the higher self. Also things like drugs, intoxication, confusion, fantasy (ie. virtual reality) come under this umbrella.

Jupiter and Sagittarius rule higher learning, philosophy, traveling, free education (internet) abundance and freedom. What is the actual truth of the matter comes into play as well.

Saturn and Capricorn rule all the organized system: Religion, Government, Education. Saturn is the reaper of death and ruler of time and space (ie. our 3D reality)

Pluto is also retrograde in Capricorn during the summer only intensifying all this energy. So this summer we’re being swayed to re-evaluate our spirituality, our beliefs, and what or how this reality is organized. We’re given a moment to breath before these planets go back to action in their home signs pushing their energy forward. Now how that affect you personally is dependent on where these planets fall in your birthchart. You can check that out here

My prediction

Overall I think society is going to see a lot changes in regards to not only the government and education but how we feel about it. We’re seeing a lot of attention happening with foreign travels, tourism, corruption, bans, deaths. I also think this is last test before virtual reality makes a big leap into how people interact overall on social media and perhaps every aspect of our lives. That’s just my take and predictions. What do you guys think? Leave me a comment.