Instagram Stories Vs. Snapchat #review


So I finally updated Instagram and I’m comparing it to SnapChat. So far, so good, I’m impressed but there are some things that will keep you coming back to Snapchat but also keep you spending more time on Instagram.


  • Most on Instagram already have an established following: 

    I have people following me on IG that I don’t even know. It’s like Twitter, it’s not difficult for people to find users that they are interested in using #hashtags or what not. Being fairly new to Snapchat, my following has been pretty much limited to those who personally know me , that are in my contacts, or are really curious to see what I’m doing and have searched for my “code”. And being an “average joe” that’s only a few people.

  • IG CELEBS are jumping on board quick!: 

    For those IG (*instagram) celebs who are still building their Snapchat following, they now have the option to just communicate in one app. That saves time. One major celeb I follow (Nyle Dimarco ) has already chosen to do a Wednesday sign language lesson through IG Stories. That gives me one more reason to check him out (that and he’s hella sexy) . elpknk5

  • It’s added the ability to draw and add text to pics and videos:

    This is new for Instagram. As a writer, sometimes I am more comfortable writing my feelings versus speaking them. So for me, it adds even another bit of functionality in my creative communication.


  • No Filters:

    Sorry folks, If you want silly dog masks and googly glasses you still have Snapchat for that. IG is not going there, but feel free to download them and add them to IG if you want your larger following to see it. xt4uql1nwftqkqzj9u

  • It may take away from the actual IG NewsFeed:

    There’s a lot going on with the app now. As more people contribute, you’ll now have to decide if you’re going to spend your “toilet time” liking photos or going through the IG stories. Snapchat doesn’t have a newsfeed, so there’s only one option. How will this affect the IG algorithm that they just changed recently? Only time will tell.


    Before IG stories could get off the ground you have die-hard Snapchatters hating it, and rightfully so. They literally stole the idea. Some stories I’ve seen so far are people’s snapchat codes or posts that they will not be using it (even though they used it to tell us that…hmmm)

Overall, we can only wait to see how this will work out. Snapchat was successful because the younger generation was trying to get away from their parents on Facebook. Instagram has an entire different audience of people who feel no need to download another “photo app” to communicate and don’t understand it. I feel, that if you love Snapchat, it’s not going anywhere. If you don’t understand Snapchat (which has had complaints at not being user friendly) then Instagram stories may be a nice beginner’s class. That’s the beauty of the interweb… there’s something for everyone.

Don’t Allow the Media to Divide You

Our country and communities have been stricken with so much grief lately. Just scrolling through Facebook and Twitter you can tell that people are tired. You can tell that people are waking up. You can tell people want change. People are unfriending and blocking each other left and right. We see the flaw in the human condition; the need to control, the need to dominate, or the need to point blame. Besides, all these problems are caused by anyone else but our self. Right?


I see clever headlines meant to provoke, mostly done as “click bait” which sadly, I understand working in social media. Social media people know that they must get you to see or click on their article. There are two goals

1. to make you feel good about something (ie. puppies or inspirational stories) or

2. to anger you.

If you know “the game” you realize that people are doing their job. But in these times we need to take personal responsibility on what we say and how we are “influencing” those who actually listen to what we have to say.

For those that are social media influencers, who have large followings, subscribers, or friend’s list it’s your job to lead. It’s your job to be cognitive of what you reshare. Make sure that in this tumultuous time that you’re sharing an article from viable sources and not some fake article using click bait to sell advertising. Ask yourself, is what I’m sharing/tweeting promoting fear, hate or love? These may be subjective to some but everyone has a personal responsibility do use their voice in the right way and ignore those who strive to do the opposite. Your likes, or dislikes, comments (be it negative) boost the attention of posts. When you know how the machine works, you can use it to your favor.