My Ever Evolving Thoughts About God

If there’s one thing about me is that I’m not conventional. I try to learn from my surroundings and not just from what I’m told. When it comes to spirituality, there is so much to learn. I was walking and noticed the falling autumns leaves that were so many colors and I began to notice something about these particular leaves.

wpid-20141130_144319.jpgThey all had branches of 3 and 5 respectively. There was never a random 4, 2, or 6 just 3 and 5. I wondered why. What type of internal program only allowed this tree to produce leaves of this nature? Why an odd number and not even? Why this particular combination and no more like 7? Math seems to be the universal language of “God” if there was one and I’m still learning what sacred geometry means. It can be complicated.

Where I am presently that what we call “God” and some of us consider the “SOURCE” is a collective unconsciousness. It is everything and performs a duty or a program, it follows the law of the universe, the law of order, the law of cycles. Much like we don’t have to think to make our heart beat, or to digest food, but we do it unconsciously. Everything strives to be alive and survive on some unconscious level… even plants. We as manifested beings are the individual conscious expressions. We decide what we want to do day to day and that can vary. We are the polar variable in this universal experiment.

Then there is the subconscious, which is connected the most to the collective unconscious and truly the only way to tap into it. It is our female receptive side (we all have it). It is the part of our mind that controls us passively but is more in tune with the unseen. It is side of us that responds to subliminal messages, symbols, and vibration (music). It is where our all our memories are held whether conscious or not. So here I have broken down a triune being in ourselves… but I know there’s more.

See and Hear the BIG PICTURE

My previous post, I was blogging about comparing “God” to a girl playing with her dolls and we are representative of those dolls.
To reinerate, I say representative because what we are is not the dolls (or physical) themselves, but, we are actually the soul of the one playing.

We are all but branches and different manifestations of the same mind. [picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=puzzle&iid=291455″ src=”0288/ab485ec4-63bf-45c9-8884-b087fced97d8.jpg” width=”234″ height=”155″ /]We are like individual puzzle pieces trying to lock in where we fit together to create something bigger.
When we raise our own personal awareness and realize that our mind is God’s mind and that God does not necessarily talk to us so much as it talks through us.

I do not use the word it disrespectfully for those who are more conditioned to refer God as masculine. In truth, to refer to the Source of existence simply a male, is too limiting in view.

To see the bigger picture we have to realize that we are connected. [picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=connect&iid=5063844″ src=”0/a/1/c/Parents_with_children_935e.jpg” width=”234″ height=”176″ /]We are one. Listen to the crazy babble that homeless guy says (or your mother). Notice the themes in everyone’s conversation. Observe the small nuances in the course of your day. They are telling you something.
People all too readily seek holy books to hear from the Higher power.(which is okay for learning) But the Higher Power is actually the Inner Power that is constantly active. The Ruach HaKodesh exists in every living being (no need to ask for it) and wants freedom to express itself fully (just let it).[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=connect&iid=5063341″ src=”5/3/d/c/Young_man_turning_5ecf.jpg” align=”right” width=”234″ height=”333″ /]
Just like light or fire, it’s one desire is to spread, to illuminate…unconditionally and completely. Fire (light) does not care of race, religion, dogma, denomination, or politics. It has no concept of fear and refuses to be controlled. It is about action!
That fire IS the SOURCE of US.[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=fire&iid=5066453″ src=”2/c/8/7/Boy_79_holding_ec59.jpg” width=”234″ height=”156″ /] Alone …you are just a spark. Together…

WE are a FORCE