Change is Coming Quickly, Uranus moves direct!

So we have Mercury the planet of communication retrograde and Venus retrograde as well. As a collective we’re all rethinking things and ideas that we once had. We’re seeing a lot of this regarding the information, misinformation, the news media and so forth. The world is taking a lot information regarding COVID and backtracking. The latest is defining people dying WITH COVID versus FROM COVID. A definite backtrack I related to Mercury retrograde.

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Venus is retrograde in Capricorn. She rules relationships and the boundaries we set for ourselves but Capricorn is also about government. Our relationship with the government comes into question. Where does the fine line of people and government fall? Are we ruled by them or do they rule over us? All in all Venus will question all relationships, even those with our parents, friends, lovers to establish what the rules actually are.

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Then good old Uranus the planet of quick change and innovation is moving direct in Taurus. He’s been there awhile . Uranus rules Aquarius (where Mercury is) , Venus rules Taurus (where Uranus is chilling) , Saturn (Aquarius old Ruler) rules Capricorn when Venus is. There’s a planetary exchange of energy here. Taurus is about our security, what makes us feel safe, our self worth and Uranus wants to make some changes quick to that. I see it like a earthquake, shaking things up and moving people around so hold tight. It may manifest physically like something like that I’ve heard of a few Volcano erupting in the news. Taurus is an earth sign.

Either way, we’re going to see a lot change starting this week regarding how we think about things and our relationships with ourselves and others. If you can flow with these changes you’ll be okay. If you don’t like change, you’ll have issues.

The Pluto Return of the united States

Our country is going through many changes and its not done yet! Capricorn represents structure, business and organization. Pluto is the planet of death, rebirth, and change. Its about to be in the same place it was in 1776!!! America will never be the same after this. Find out what you need to know on a metaphysical level to ride this wave of change!

Expect blessings to come this week

I pulled a few tarot cards for the week and it looks like its going to be a pretty stable week. Money and blesssings will come in for most people but you will have to grasp it. Be careful about overspending because Venus is getting ready to go retrograde next week to spend A LOT of time in Capricorn. I pulled a card for everyone’s zodiac sign so be sure to check the video below. If you need a personal reading, be sure to book it today

An easy way to Contact your Ancestors

If you’re a spiritual person, sometimes you need advice because you’re simply just stuck. We hear a lot of people talk about the ancestors this or that but how do you truly know what the ancestors want you to do? I will show you a simple way using only four pennies

This is similar to the African tradition of using cowry shells for divination but cowry shells can sometimes be hard to find. Besides, pennies are practically everywhere.

Why pennies?

Copper pennies are great conductor of energy and energy can’t be created or destroyed so your ancestors’ energy is always ever present in and around you. But don’t just go casting pennies to see what judgment they have! Everybody has been touching those pennies and no telling who’s energy is on them. So first, you want to consecrate your pennies and only use those pennies for your communication. Make sure you put them in a special place like your altar or space dedicated to your ancestors.

How to consecrate your pennies

The best way to consecrate your pennies is to use florida water. It’s multi-purpose and most people use them for spiritual practices and cleansing. You can usually find florida water at most stores but if you’re in area that doesn’t carry it, you can order some online here .

If you’re the DIY type of person you can make a nice mixture of lemon juice and water but I just love the smell of florida water. There’s something about it.

Protect Yourself

This is very important. Make sure you ask your guardian angels to cast a circle of light around you and protect your energy. You can draw a physical circle as well, to symbolize this. But meditate and visualize the circle around you. This will keep wandering spirits from getting in the way. The times I’ve forgotten this my energy gets so drained! So be sure to do this.

Open the crossroad

If you want a little help getting the message across call to Papa Legba or Ellegua to assist. You’ll want to offer him a cigar smoke offering or some candy to get his attention. Light your prayer candle and call to him

Legba Legba hear my prayer, open the way, open the gate

If your candle goes out, he’s not listening. Try again or try a different offering. Use your intuition to see what may be wrong and start over. I found a great blog on Papa Legba here. If you’re not into Orisha, call whatever messenger angel or deity you’re familiar with (like the angel Gabriel)

Calling the ancestors

I typically call on my male lineage but you can call your maternal line if you like. There’s no distinct rule. Call them by name in order from father, grandfather, great grandfather, etc. If you don’t know the name of your ancestors, say this

I call to my ancestors both known and unknown to bring me guidance

Each penny will be dedicated to one ancestor. Have a dedicated mat or cast a circle to put the pennies in. The rest is pretty easy. Tell your ancestors what you need assistance in knowing. Form your question as a yes or no then cast the pennies. Heads means yes, and tails means no. Your ancestors won’t always agree so read the pennies like such…

  • 1 yes 3 no =Most likely no but still a chance
  • 2 yes 2 no = You have to decide the outcome on your own
  • 3 yes 1 no = Yes but be careful
  • 4 yes = Most definitely
  • 4 no = A very loud No! lol

Keep in mind the ancestors have their own energy and their advice is simply that… advice. You’re still in control of your life and no matter what you have free choice. They are giving their opinion on what’s best for you as their progeny. But remember it’s an opinion. Also, asking the same question repeatedly can upset them. This is little different from a yes or no Tarot which pulls from the universal energy and looks down potential timelines. If you want know more about that leave me a comment.

Thank the ancestors

No one likes an ungrateful person, so remember when you are done to thank the ancestors for their advice and release them. Then thank Papa Legba and release him and ask him to close the gate. Thank your guardian angels for their protection and you’re pretty much done.

Thank you for reading and if you would like a reading be sure to book it today. I would love to hear from you!

Tarot Reading On Joe Biden’s Mandates

Today I will do a tarot reading on Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates which he says that all businesses with over 100 employees must comply with by January 5th. I couldve sworn that he said he wouldn’t do mandates on the vaccine before the election but as we know, once a liar always a liar.

Now granted as we have seen, vaccinated people can still get infected and can pass the virus to others so it makes no common sense as why it would mandatory in a place of work. If people who don’t take the vaccine have to be tested weekly then the vaccinated need to be as well. But that’s neither here or there because this government doesn’t use logic… they are looking on their ROI for their experimental shot.

Tarot reading on Joe Biden

Are We going to Have Alien Disclosure?

I’ve noticed in 2021 that media has been directing our collective consciousness in interesting ways. Mostly using fear to get everyone on the same wavelength.

Recently I’ve begun to see more and stories about UFOS. With everything moving so fast you might miss it. The news has spoken about the pentagon has admitted to this but if you had blinked you would probably have missed these recent news stories.

This is serious news. This makes our world seem much bigger that what we seem. People rather stick to their mundane lives than think we’re being watched by forces beyond our perception of reality. If aliens expose themselves, will they be friendly or will they make us their slaves? All types of movies have planted this seeds in the minds of men. I decided to do a tarot reading about it. Check it out

August Tarot Forecast

Hey everyone! So I decided to go ahead and add a completed playlist for my monthly youtube videos so those who aren’t subscribed to my youtube channel can have their one stop shop for the monthly forecast. (I’m so nice)

After finishing I noticed a strong soulmate energy for every sign. If you have been been having issues with a partner or someone you have been interested in, you won’t be able to escape their energy for August. The universal number for August is 3. So there’s going to be a need to communicate! So face your problems and hash out your grievances. That Leo energy is going to give everyone the strength to ROAR and then we’ll get be trying to fix and analyze issues when we slip into Virgo.

scroll through the playlist and find your zodiac sign. Be sure to check your rising as well.

Blog Rant: Life of a Tarot Reader

Haven’t really blogged in awhile. Been caught up in my daily routine of job hunting and keeping my mind afloat in an insane world it seems. With so much free time I’ve been really focused on tarot and that’s fun. Many don’t even know that I got a side gig on a psychic line. I use a different name so I doubt if you find me. It’s interesting but the people ask really weird questions

There’s this one woman who calls and all she wants to know is other people’s business. I feel like it’s like tarot spying. I can see somethings but at times it’s hard to divulge motives . For instance she’ll ask me “what’s he doing about …[whatever]” and then she’ll follow up with why he’s doing that? It’s frustrating . I want to just tell folks.. “uhh why don’t you just talk to him about it and stop being nosey” . Granted, I think people create the bad situations they are in most of the time because they don’t communicate.

I have helped a few. One woman was in a long relationship if we can call it that. I saw the man had no intention on being a committed relationship. She confirmed that. I hope she does well. Love is a motherfucker. Sex keeps people in bad situations.

I’m trying to think of youtube videos I can do for free. I set up my monthly patreon for subscriptions. I feel like its my onlyfans but for tarot. It’s not a bad deal for the $20 a month cause you can get practically 4 personal readings a month on Tuesday. Granted it’s a live stream and there’s the possibility other people will be online so it’s not private. But it’s something.

I think this may be my calling. I already had one guy tell me on Facebook I was going to hell so I must be on the right track *giggle*. I had a vision of doing something bigger with this but I won’t talk about it right now. My love life is decent. I have a discrete South American lover. My gawd, am I living a romance novel? I can’t make this shit up. Speaking of which, still trying to get an outline for a new book. A little stuck. I need some inspiration. Anywho… don’t want to bore you death. Thanks for checking me out. Talk later.

Daily Tarot Jan 24, 2020

Happy Friday! Don’t be too bad today with the devil card. This energy can remind us to think about what makes us feel trapped today. What is limiting you that’s bothering you? How can you break free?

It’s a universal day 11 which about manifestation and creating things not just by yourself but with others. Notice, there are two people on the card. This can also mean a highly lustful vibe but not really love. So of you want more make sure your intentions are set right.

Speaking of which, it’s new moon time and the new moon is going to be in Aquarius, which is all about free thinking. So let your mind run free today. Your only limitation is yourself.