New Rules for Big Pharma coming

I don’t know if the algorithm is showing you the stuff I’m seeing but a lot of folks are beginning to talk about Pfizer and the damages they and their loved ones have been getting from the jab. Saturn the planet of rules and regulation will be moving into Pisces the sign of drugs and illusions in March 2023. I think we’ll start seeing some major changes in that arena. Also maybe finally legal marijuana federally. I don’t put anything past this administration trying to get votes. hahah

Daily Card

It’s a day 8 so focus on finances …

THe WEF is Evil

Okay, so when I get a vision of the future I have to let you guys know. I sometimes see the bigger picture and how things connect. The World Economic Forum wants to put everyone in one big system that they can control. It is about population control whether it’s depopulation or controlling how people think. I see that big recession starts this year. Pluto the planet of death and rebirth is moving into Aquarius on March 23, 2023. Aquarius is society. Its only January and we’re starting to see mass layoffs. 3/23/2023 in numerology breaks down to 6. 6 rules over health, the body, and the day-to-day job. It all starts in March and this transit lasts for 20 years !!! This is the period of time when alot of people will either reinvent themselves or get stuck in “the matrix”


  • Don’t work for the government
  • start your own business
  • Don’t depend on Government welfare and support (universal income coming)
  • Avoid government ran technology

Watch the video below for more

A Blessing is coming

Good morning mortals. Today is a day 5, so use those creative juices. The sun is sextiling Jupiter so there’s a chance of good luck, gifts, and new opportunities. Take a chance on something and accept new offers. Avoid the negative thoughts keeping you from moving forward.

A Pisces kinda day

The moon slides into Pisces this afternoon. What’s up yall, today is universal day 4 and so this Monday working on your goal list is wise. Anything that brings you more stability or things that deal with your home life. (i personally need to clean up ugh) . Today’s card is the Shaolin Master. he uses the energy around him to harness his inner chi. Take it easy and wear yourself too thin. Allow the universe to provide.

Weekly Tarot: Great for Love

Is everyone feeling the love because of Valentine’s? No…. It’s because Venus the planet of love is going into Pisces this week. And let me tell you, that bitch loves being in Pisces because Pisces doesn’t know anything about boundaries. hahaha. It’s that sexual hook-up that spends the night when you didn’t mean them to but… it’s okay. It’s that “let me give him another chance” energy. I know we hate that …but don’t shoot the messenger. Its just astrology you can do whatever you want at the end of the day. Watch the video for more and if you need a personal reading, let me know.

Stand up for Truth

The moon will be in Saggitarius for most of the day so there will be an energy of truth in the air or at least speaking your mind about your beliefs. Conflict is possible as everyone doesn’t believe the same thing but there’s also a chance that if you speak your mind you may make a new friend. Like attracts like but also opposites attract too so just keep that in mind. It’s a universal day 9 so come together with people and finish up things you put aside this week. Get a reading today

Change is Coming Quickly, Uranus moves direct!

So we have Mercury the planet of communication retrograde and Venus retrograde as well. As a collective we’re all rethinking things and ideas that we once had. We’re seeing a lot of this regarding the information, misinformation, the news media and so forth. The world is taking a lot information regarding COVID and backtracking. The latest is defining people dying WITH COVID versus FROM COVID. A definite backtrack I related to Mercury retrograde.

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Venus is retrograde in Capricorn. She rules relationships and the boundaries we set for ourselves but Capricorn is also about government. Our relationship with the government comes into question. Where does the fine line of people and government fall? Are we ruled by them or do they rule over us? All in all Venus will question all relationships, even those with our parents, friends, lovers to establish what the rules actually are.

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Then good old Uranus the planet of quick change and innovation is moving direct in Taurus. He’s been there awhile . Uranus rules Aquarius (where Mercury is) , Venus rules Taurus (where Uranus is chilling) , Saturn (Aquarius old Ruler) rules Capricorn when Venus is. There’s a planetary exchange of energy here. Taurus is about our security, what makes us feel safe, our self worth and Uranus wants to make some changes quick to that. I see it like a earthquake, shaking things up and moving people around so hold tight. It may manifest physically like something like that I’ve heard of a few Volcano erupting in the news. Taurus is an earth sign.

Either way, we’re going to see a lot change starting this week regarding how we think about things and our relationships with ourselves and others. If you can flow with these changes you’ll be okay. If you don’t like change, you’ll have issues.

The Pluto Return of the united States

Our country is going through many changes and its not done yet! Capricorn represents structure, business and organization. Pluto is the planet of death, rebirth, and change. Its about to be in the same place it was in 1776!!! America will never be the same after this. Find out what you need to know on a metaphysical level to ride this wave of change!