New Black Homophobic Bigot seeks Fame

OMG people keep sending me this video and I thought I would make some comments since he is making so many people upset. Thaddeus Matthews, who recently made a video accusing a pastor of being gay is making cyber waves with his blatantly homophobic remarks. Video below

At first it seems that Matthews is upset at the pastor’s hypocrisy of preaching against homosexuality and then engaging in it undercover. Matthews states “he has nothing against gay people” but continually refers to gay men in the church as sissies and tells the pastor “something is wrong with him”. The entire video is filled with hatred and one can only wonder if Matthew’s attack is on the pastor or homosexuals in the church in general. I for one am not in the church any longer because of bigots like this and this is just one example of the mentality that is still prevalent in the black community. This mentality is why so many young black gay men have internalized self hatred and do destructive, abusive activities to themselves or simply feel they are unworthy of love. This mentality makes young black gay men feel less than other black men or that they have failed in what it means to be a strong man. His generalizations do nothing but incite more negative energy and rabble rouse the masses.

My guess is he picked a hot button so he could get more followers. Well played Matthews… well played.

But if that wasn’t enough he continues to say the pastor’s church is littered with lesbians. If this man isn’t trying to be famous he sure has a powerful gaydar. “The lady doth protest too much” 

Who is he? Some radio guy… don’t care

What does he want? Attention obviously

I think it’s sad but I’m sure some people will gather to support him. I don’t have much to say. I already know there are religious homophobic bigots in the church. It’s why I avoid the church. Nothing much has changed. Granted, other than this one post,  I have no interest to hear this guy talk any more his negativity on my newsfeed.