Myspace Blog 2/7/2005

Babysitting BluesThis… this whole blog just makes me shake my head…I was having issues.



Subject Babysitting Blues
DateCreated 1/1/1900 12:00:00 AM
PostedDate 2/7/2005 5:23:00 PM
Body Gosh….okay ive had the craziest weekend…first, my best friend proposed to his girlfrend of 5 and angela had a fight about her insecurities yada yada yada …of which i won…for those that dont know you should never argue with me as im a master debater…wow that sounded nastyanywhoo

Angela lends me 300 bucks for my car…but then i go and lose it..guess it fell out my pocket so …plan b.

I hit my mom up…she gets back child support from my dad…she tells me the check wont be here in time but says that she will pay me money if i watch my lil brother who has a minor CP. Cerebral Palsy…which i say …what the heck..She gets money to pay people to help him…and i Need money. So I will be watching him for the next week or so…how exciting…he’s a bossy lil 13 year old on crutches…sometime i just wanna knock him over purpose. lol…he’s my brother i can do that, especially when he’s being a smartass.


Are you a 90’s kid?

I graduated in 1996. I remember a lot of this. I think a major issue of mine was trying to record music on a tape off the radio and not get the commercials lol. I actually remember a teacher saying that we couldn’t use the internet to use in book reports because it was unreliable for information lol. ohhh the 90s…