A Tarot Reading on Flat Earth

Hey guys, had a great reading on NASA, the lies they tell , belief, spiritually and ….flat earth theory. DUN DUN DUN! Wanna hear it check out this link https://anchor.fm/montre-bible/episodes/Tarot-Talk-What-is-Nasa-Lying-to-us-About-e1g8sb2

Or you can watch the whole discussion here:

How Earth developed from the asteroid belt

For those of us not conditioned to believe traditional religious teachings about where we come from, I would like to present to you the following video.

This guy is referencing old Babylonion mythology and the planet Tiamat. Tiamat was described as a serpent but is also the ancient name of earth before the giant cataclysm that destroyed half the planet and created the asteroid belt. Could it be possible that this ancient planet which was located in the goldilocks zone of the solar system was perhaps already inhabited by a race a beings? Could there be some descendants to those survivors still existing on earth today and could those descendants be the what ancient man described as serpent brothers, chitauri, or reptilians? Perhaps the spirits of those killed still exist on some astral plane with earth and these are what people define as “demons”.  Watch the video and give me your thoughts.