The World is insane…

I will say one thing… If you want to sleep, having this card by your bed while you sleep ain’t it. The Levitator is about seeing the big picture. Here I’m thinking I’m gonna astral project or something and the most disturbing dreams came to me…

Everything is duality…the knowledge of good and evil and we keep eating off that damn tree.

All in all without sounding crazy… This world is crazy. It’s about the children. It’s always about the children. Maybe its because they have so much pure soul energy.

Bad people do things to children who either die or grow up disturbed and then, when those disturbed grow up and do things, the bad people who instigated things pretend to be good.

There are good people…but the pretenders run alot of stuff in the world … Government, Religion, and Entertainment. (Notice that’s where we always hear about some sort of secret child abuse scandal). And those main three really are all about controlling good people. These three control by distracting, dividing , and promoting fear . These are strong Powers… Like a snake with 3 heads. Pure evil.

I’ve been trying to study the TREE OF LIFE

There is so much info out there, of course, and when I’m not looking something pops out and gets my attention once more. Usually it all relates or comes back to the Kaballah tree of life so I feel like I need to start focusing on how this thing works more. Looks really complicated. If any one out there is knowledgeable about this, please hit me up.Until then enjoy this video (playlist) I found. You know me.. I hit ya with all the deep stuff. Swimming in the shallow end of the pool is for kids.