No Distractions

This Mercury retrograde season has not been nice to me. My TV broke down and I thought I’d get it repaired for cheap but nope it’s a dud. They just don’t make TVs like they used to. Sure … the old ones were heavy dinosaurs that were practically like furniture but this new ones are like all the new adults in society… just fragile.

All in all, its help me stay focused on the task at hand. When you’re not distracting yourself with TV, you start realizing how much time is in the day. Sure , you could look at the computer or your phone but it’s not the same as lounging on the couch, with some snacks, binging Stranger Things (which i haven’t been able to watch yet so please no spoilers)

I went ahead and bought another TV despite it being retrograde season. I bought it refurbished so maybe that counts for me working with the energy. Rule of thumb during retrograde do anything that starts with “RE”… which was why I tried to REpair it first. I hope you guys are having a better Mercury Rx season than me. lol