Manic Monday

I hate it when I have a dream about work and then have to come to work…. I mean damn, I literally had a dream that I was getting off work and then life is like, “hahah just kidding you were sleep …now start over.” 

[insert sad face here]



Granted my weekend was lackluster and I just laid around. That’s what happens when you’re waiting for pay day. You don’t do shit. My mind is brainstorming ways to make more money outside of job (well other than being an author) but it’s not like I’m Anne Rice or J.K. Rowling or something (well not yet) .  I can’t cut any more expenses , unless car insurance is an option… yeah…probably not. LOL. 


in other news, I just joined … it’ll help me find social events to go to with people my age… ya know for working folk. I have friends, but they are EVERYWHERE and in every city. I dunno, I just want a social club or something to be apart of . Maybe I’ll volunteer. I checked into HRC (Human Rights Campaign) to see what they were about. I’ll keep you guys posted …

Greetings Mortals

Greetings Mortals

Of course as you can see … I have way too much free time with my webcam filters… Why would any one use these? WHYYYYY!

It’s Sunday and I’m trying to get my ass into gear for the new year (whoa that rhymed) . May go to brunch if me and the boyfriend can gather the troops. (Cause that’s what gay folk do on Sunday…Brunch– then the lesbians go watch football or go mow their lawns or something) Football is not my thing.. History channel, maybe.. I can watch that shit for hours. If no one gets together today, I’ll go into hermit crab mode and write something.