My regrets

I sometimes

look back at my life and consider that perhaps that things could be dramatically different from how they are at this present moment. When I do that I tend to have regret because I’m wishing or wondering if life could be better. I try not to stay in this frame of mind too long but I invite you to go with me as I do…

I try not to spend too much time on regret. I realize every experience, every bit of knowledge, every mistake has made me the man I am today. My hope is to do as much as I can presently to avoid future regret. I can waste what can be thinking about what could have been… and with that I will take every moment and make the most the of it.


I feel like things are Getting Better

Well, good news,
Got a new laptop. The old one went to that office supply store in the sky. Well this isnt actually new…its used but its still in good shape. I got a pretty good deal at a little shop by some guy named Jose.

Now I will commence to do the video blogs again. I know , you’ve missed them right? Well I’ve missed doing them! I just have to find some private time to do them. My roommate has brought yet another person into the apartment. It’s four including me…in a studio. Can we say cramped? There must be some Universal lesson I’m supposed to be learning. I want so bad to find a place with my OWN room so i can do things like well…sleep naked. ha ha. But no I’m fa real.

still job hunting but I’m going to try to find things in my expertise now…ya know, art, acting, writing….

ALSO lately I feel the desire to be in a committed relationship. Ya know the feeling when you see people holding hands and you stop and think for a second or everytime you hear a certain song you sigh. Yeah that’s me right now.
ANY HOW that’s all I have to say for the day …peace out.