Weekly Tarot 5/15- 5/21

The oracle message for the week is the Mountain. Ground your energy this week with a crystal or by going outside and placing your bare feet on the ground. Mars and Neptune are bringing strong emotional and spiritual energy. If you can harness it, you may have an epiphany. Watch my video on Instagram for full details.


Powerful week Ahead

Hey guys, just thought I share my weekly tarot read here since some of my simulcasting isnt quite working. If you missed it, in a nutshell we have some good astrological vibes pushing us to not only take a chance but be successful. I woke us this morning feeling just ansty. It may be the moon in Gemini. I always say work with the energy to manifest what you want. The oracle card I pulled for everyone is about taking charge of your life. For most people, you need to start today building the life you want.

How to manifest this week

You will want to first write your goals down. Aries season is like a new year. So just like people write their new years resolution on January 1st, you want to do that this week. Do you want to work out more? Do you want to have a healthier relationship? Do you want better friends? All the energy of the universe is pushing you to start that . So dont worry about the past 3 months and any resolution you didn’t keep. Mundane timing was off anyways. Now is the time. Watch the video below to see the forecast for your sun, rising and moon sign.

Expect blessings to come this week

I pulled a few tarot cards for the week and it looks like its going to be a pretty stable week. Money and blesssings will come in for most people but you will have to grasp it. Be careful about overspending because Venus is getting ready to go retrograde next week to spend A LOT of time in Capricorn. I pulled a card for everyone’s zodiac sign so be sure to check the video below. If you need a personal reading, be sure to book it today

Weekly Tarot April 18-24

Looks like its going to be a transformative week ahead. We start the week with the moon in Cancer, dealing with our deep emotions and family and end the week in Libra , which talks about balance. Building up to the FULL MOON in Scorpio!!! Wow. I feel the crescendo of the music. But how you deal with others matters a lot. Here’s a break down for every sign . Watch the video below.