Twitter: JUST SAY NO

computercrazeOkay, it took me long enough to get onto the facebook craze. And I had a myspace before anybody knew what myspace was. So I’m not all about “the hype” Matter of fact I hate it. Don’t get me wrong, I love blogging, talking about myself and being nosey on other people’s lives. But come on…twitter? Do I really have THAT much time to dictate my every move like someone gives a damn?

nice guy
nice guy

“Hold on I farted…I have to twitter this.” Now that the main media and hollywood is on board they are making it like a must have. Big brother doesn’t even have try hard anymore because we are so predisposed with making record of our every where about and thoughts. Now don’t go calling me hypocrite because I have a video blog on youtube. I do that maybe once a week, trust me I have my private time that I don’t let readers or viewers know about. It’s great people are that interested to know if I have a booger in my nose at any given moment but then I have to ask the question, WHY? Is it that I don’t have a life because I’m twittering such nonesense or you don’t have a life because you’re reading it? Are our attention spans so short that we can’t read full blogs about someone’s life or just pick up a phone to say, “What are you doing?” I know …I know I’m bitchin’ but honestly my main issue is ….I don’t get it.

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