You do NOT have a PERSONAL relationship with JESUS

Now before I begin my little rant and my religious readers start making comments on how I’m a misguided loser and the truth is not in my soul I would like to present one challenge:


That’s it…nothing more. Go head, I’ll wait. The Bible says alot trust me I know. People tend to make up their own rules and traditions based off propaganda however and not what’s actually written. Personal relationships sound nice… not so religious and having grown up in the Christian religion, nothing prides Christianity more than not being a religious…but it is.

I recently got banned from a Bible group on Facebook for posting NEW TESTAMENT scriptures that deal with slavery and the role of women in society (you know those good ol oppressive scriptures) and people actually attempted to justify them. As if there was a good reason to enslave someone and the other scriptures set women free spiritually (but in life you best not talk in a church or rule over men) .  It wasn’t my opinion…it was purely the Bible, (which was written by middle eastern men thousands of years ago and we can see still to this day how they treat women).

But I digress…

A personal relationship is what people want.  It sells religion to the lonely. It allows you to be loved by the “unknown” and congregate with people who claim to have their own “personal” relationship with the same being. YET… no one seems to be agree on the will of this being or person. How many times have we seen two different church’s claim the will of God but be completely adverse to each other? But I know what you’re saying…one of them is wrong (usually the one you’re not personally involved with) .

My Opinion

And this part will make you mad so you can skip it. Since there is nothing in the Bible stating you should claim a personal relationship with Jesus but merely need to just believe in him, then I can only derive that claiming such a relationship is irrational. It’s one thing to say you love someone you only read about it and never met. stalker? But it’s another thing to claim that you have a relationship with them and they speak to you. That’s pretty deep. I liken it to let’s say… loving Dr. Martin Luther King and then saying

“I love Dr. King…no I LOVE him. I have a personal relationship with him and he speaks to me when I’m going through problems and I  follow what he says!” 


People would think I was somewhat crazy if I did that. It’s okay to believe in Dr. King. It’s okay to believe in what he stood for. It’s okay to even believe in him and understand the sacrifice in his life and follow his ideas in my present life.  But  to just allow my mind to slip into personal relationship with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  status is almost necrophilia. So what makes Jesus different? So you claim to know Jesus…great. What’s his favorite color? (lemme guess “red” all you think about is blood and death huh?)  What was he doing  in his adolescents? Did he have any pets?  Surely, if he can tell you things to guide your life, he can tell you something about his personal life. You know..the questions you ask someone on a date.

Or perhaps the relationship you claim to have is just …personal. You have a personal relationship with your own concept of Jesus; your mind. Besides, who knows more about you…than you?

A personal Jesus is like… a personal pan pizza. You can add and take away what you like as long as you keep the general stuff that makes it a pizza (dough?).

People compare their success in relationships with their relationship with Jesus. Can you imagine marrying someone you didn’t know because they took a bullet for you. I would be grateful… but love? That’s a stretch. And a relationship… is even more a stretch. So if someone were to think I’m not good man based on my love for Jesus I would then question their own concepts and ideas of love.

GRANTED I take the word LOVE seriously. I don’t just toss it around. Moreso, I think that personal love and relationships are even more serious. So I begin to question when people state they love things or people so loosely without giving it much thought…especially when there is no biblical basis for it.  I love what I know and what I understand. And just because I love something or someone doesn’t mean there’s a relationship.

2 thoughts on “You do NOT have a PERSONAL relationship with JESUS

  1. What’s up Montre! Long time, lol….

    I’m thinking the concept of a ‘personal relationship’ with Jesus is used to suggest one’s consistent (even daily?) interaction with Him through prayer, obedience, and two-way communication. People tend to interpret the phrase literally, but in comparison to human to human relationships, it would seem better to interpret it metaphorically.

    Yeah, many say Jesus speaks to them. Open communication like that isn’t the dominant way God has communicated in the NT, but hey, folks say they are hearing SOMEONE, lol. *shrugs*

    As for love, it depends on how one defines it (as you have inferred). According to Jesus, love for Him is demonstrated through obedience. I think many Christians use that as their measure of love for God. Then when they fail to obey, repenting and trying again is a by product of the love.

    Sidenote -I can’t wait until your fourth book is ready! 😀


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