MOVIE Spoiler: HER

Okay so if you don’t like movie spoilers then don’t read anymore …


So I watched the movie Her and this is the movie in a nut shell:

  • Man is in the midst of horrible break up with wife
  • Man installs state of the art operating system on computer
  • Man falls in love with computer personality
  • Computer personality falls in love with man.
  • Man accepts love is possible .
  • Man divorces wife, and wife scoffs his love.
  • Man feels bad about loving computer.
  • Computer feels bad
  • Computer finds other intelligent operating systems to befriend.
  • Computer cheats on man with other people
  • Computer breaks up with Man.

Lol and there you have it people. Okay there’s a bit more detail to it and actually I like it. The boyfriend did NOT, so I guess it depends on what type of person you are. It plays on the question mainly about what does it mean to be alive or to be a person. If you like movies about what consciousness is and how that relates to our physical world then you will like it. Oh.. and there are some steamy cyber-sex scenes too (My imagination is rated X so … I was like WHOA). The movie HER has a indie film feel with big actors, and that’s why I enjoyed it. If you check it out or have seen it, leave me a comment and let me know what you thought.

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