My random thoughts…


What’s up universe… well things are finally getting settled with the new apartment, new life, new roommate. The year is already moving fast. I was offered a part in a theater performance that is actually debuting on my birthday so no party plans for the 37th. I guess I’ll have a house warming so people can check out the place… parties can be sooooo stressful tho. Back in the dating scene and already seeing a couple  of “potentials” … not changing my Facebook status just yet though… taking the slow route to get to know people. Mainly money has been on my mind… I am badly needing a raise at my job. In February it’ll be 3 years… that’s a long ass time. Hope everybody’s Saturday is going well … talk later…

4 thoughts on “My random thoughts…

  1. My friend Montre…… you are already experiencing a lot of change (and growth). And I feel a lot of change (and growth) is coming for me as well. So your post today resonated in particular. I’m trying to overcome my unhealthy attachment to work (workaholism). I am completely single again for the first time in awhile…….I feel that change is at hand more so than ever before in the previous few years. Like 2015-2016 iI am going to experience epic, life-altering change. In a positive & enlightening way though. So I am looking forward to watching you grow and progress and I am looking forward to that in my own self as well. Much love sir….


  2. 2015 is opening with a lot happening positive in your life! I hope the momentum continues for the rest of the year! Much love and naked hugs! 🙂


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